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Touken Ranbu  - Kogitsunemaru by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Kogitsunemaru :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 0 1 Touken Ranbu  - Gokotai by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Gokotai :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 0 0 Touken Ranbu  - Toushiro Honebami by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Toushiro Honebami :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 2 0 Touken Ranbu  - Saniwa by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Saniwa :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 3 0 Touken Ranbu  - Kunitoshi Aizen by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Kunitoshi Aizen :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 0 0 Touken Ranbu  - Kogitsunemaru by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Kogitsunemaru :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 3 0 Akashi Kuniyuki by NatashAngellina Akashi Kuniyuki :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 0 0 Touken Ranbu  - Midare by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Midare :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 1 0 Touken Ranbu  - Samonji Sayo by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Samonji Sayo :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 0 0 Touken Ranbu  - Shishio by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Shishio :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 1 0 Touken Ranbu  - Imanotsurugi by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Imanotsurugi :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 0 0 Touken Ranbu  - Imanotsurugi by NatashAngellina Touken Ranbu - Imanotsurugi :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 1 0 DSC 0870 copy by NatashAngellina DSC 0870 copy :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 2 0 Katekyou Hitman Reborn  17 by NatashAngellina Katekyou Hitman Reborn 17 :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 0 0 Uta no prince- sama - 01 by NatashAngellina Uta no prince- sama - 01 :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 0 0 [K] Project  SPOILER by NatashAngellina [K] Project SPOILER :iconnatashangellina:NatashAngellina 0 0


Unlikely [Akaashi Keiji X Reader]
>Requested by HabbyRabbit
Five years ago…
You had no idea how many times you’ve stared at the clock just silently urging it to reach ‘4’ at the speed of light so class (aka daily dose of torture) could finally end. But this time, it was the opposite. You watched how the long hand circled the round plane, hoping that, somehow, it would stop. After all, this was your last.
Tomorrow, your family would migrate to a whole new part of the country completely, because of your mother’s job. It was a once in a life time opportunity for her, and the life you’ve built here so far couldn’t even compare. This was your mother’s dream, and it would be heartless to be anything less than happy for her. So you tried to be.
But you couldn’t help it, could you?
It just felt as though everything was gradually slipping from your fingers – everything you’ve ever worked for,
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 440 46
Full, Empty [Ushijima x Reader x Slight!Oikawa] 1
Sequel to this: Resentment -
(E/c) eyes fluttered open, cursing the sunlight that nudged them awake. You tried to block it out with your arm, but found that it was stuck on the side of your body, refusing to move. Your gaze settled on a large, muscular arm that selfishly anchored itself just under your breasts, with the hand belonging to said arm latching itself onto one of your soft mounds. You blushed but didn’t panic, knowing full well who it belonged to. A sigh escaped your mouth. Knowing how long his limbs were, they must have settled there by accident at some point during your sleep last night.
Your husband lay protectively behind you, spooning you into a cocoon of his warmth. You could feel the rumble of his soft and deep snoring on your back, and the way his breath tickles the skin of your neck. Hesitatingly, you put your
:iconlilicolapin:LilicoLapin 65 10
the gates will be golden | iwaizumi hajime
iwaizumi hajime x f!reader
warning: there's like one dick joke that's literally it
and honestly, when that day comes, you think it's going to be beautiful. 
She thinks that when the day comes, it will be absolutely beautiful. The slats of the window blinds will be angled just right, the golden rays of sun filtering through and illuminating the room with new purpose. The air and fine particles of dust will march anew, their tiny heads held high as they stomp across the expanse of the universe with newfound resolve. She'll find him, maybe lounging in the courtyard waiting for her. She'll look at him straight in the eyes and release a breath that's been held for far too long and say, "Iwaizumi, I like you."
The rest, she thinks to herself, will come as it does. Let it take its time, come as it will, come as it comes. As she sits up from bed, hair frazzled and eyes bleary, she peels the blinds
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 141 43
the wolf and the lamb | kageyama [18]
Chapter Eighteen: Home Is Where the Heart Is
            “That (First Name) is such a stuck-up girl.”
            “She thinks she’s too good for us, huh, staying in her room all day? A newbie and she’s already popular, so she thinks she can’t be bothered to talk with the other ladies of the court.”  
            You’re wrong. You roll over on your bed, pressing your pillow tighter around your head as you try desperately to drown out the poisonous words of your fellow ladies of Aoba Jousai’s royal court. Their voices circle in your mind like hungry vultures, pecking at every chink in your frail, rusted armor until it’s filled with dents and holes.
            “Who does she think she is,
:iconriikyuu:riikyuu 26 7
Kuroko x Reader: Watching from the Sidelines 5

The bell sang its sweet melody as students rushed out of the classroom. You gathered your things and placed them carefully into your satchel, holding today's homework to your chest. Unlike normal days, you had to stay back in the school library so as to finish an essay. 
Cool air enveloped you as you pushed open the glass doors. The library was truly a reader's haven. Hundreds of books overwhelmed each shelf, performing the impossible feat of a balancing act. The volumes were all you saw everywhere you looked, from encyclopaedias to manga chapters, the room was an endless treasure chest. 
Setting yourself down at one of the tables, you readied your pen started writing. The noiselessness of the library was omniscient, only the clock's ticking accompanied the scratching of pen on paper. Just when you stood up to take a break, the doors were opened once more. Head snapping up, the familiar sights of a tall figure with blonde hair came into yo
:iconjadedeng:JadeDeng 121 27
Immortality - Lokixreader part 8
Unexpectedly, the plans succeeded. Loki told you what was going to happen before the dropped the barrier around the room. Frigga suggested that you change before you leave, holding up an emerald green dress that had appeared on the bed a moment before, to which you agreed.
Once you were dressed appropriately, you followed Queen Frigga out of the room and through the palace, keeping an eye out for anyone you recognised from Loki's description. You walked past a courtyard where you managed to find Lady Sif and the warriors three among the sparring guards.
The plan was running smoothly as you reached the bifrost without incident, until you spotted Odin standing by Heimdall. Heavy footsteps sounded on the rainbow bridge behind you, at which Frigga turned to face the person they belonged to.
"Thor! I told you it was key to keep your father occupied!" she scolded, gesturing to Odin having a conversation with Heimdall.
"I couldn't find him Mother, it was like he had vanished from Asgard" Thor
:iconsarianaj:SarianaJ 102 33
Swimming Anime Dating Sim: VERY BETA by fifthdimensional Swimming Anime Dating Sim: VERY BETA :iconfifthdimensional:fifthdimensional 8,195 3,333
Pirate Prussia x Reader 14-FINAL
You couldn't understand how you were still alive. You were anything but ungrateful but still you couldn't help but wonder how or why you were not trapped in that world. You could feel that Asmos beat you within millimeters of your life. You felt like you couldn't move on even though you wanted to go back to everyone. You finally accepted the fact that you were going to die.
You remembered once the watery like surface swallowed you, you sank then your body was shot out like you had wings and was speeding towards the sky. You couldn't see what was making you fly but you heard voices that were all too familiar: your parents and your old friends.
"We're so proud of you." They all said in echoes. Your mother was the last voice you heard before you were sent back to the real world. "You've earned a good life. Don't waste it."
It was very cold and numb for a few moments. The first thing you could feel was warm lips tenderly pressed against your own as a tear rolled down your cheek. Your body
:icontealhikari:TealHikari 192 138
Pirate Prussia x Reader 1
Not Everything is Silver and Gold 1
"Why do you look so afraid, liebe? I won't bite... much. How about you come sit with me and make yourself more comfortable?" The pirate stretched out his arm, offering his hand to you. You stayed with your back against the wall of his room, shaking in your spot. You were afraid of what was going to happen to you but you knew you had no choice. You agreed to this.
---Several hours earlier---
You rolled over your beaten mattress and shivered with the sudden chill that was sent down your spine. Without opening your eyes, you move your arm to embrace your little sister and her warmth only to find her spot empty.
"Tori?!" You shot up immediately and looked around in panic and started to worry. "Victoria?!"
"__________, you're awake. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." Your little sister appeared in the doorway with some flour on her face. You sigh in relief. You may seem over protective of her but she was the only family you had left and you weren't l
:icontealhikari:TealHikari 689 217
Pirate!Prussia x Pirate!Reader - Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Fourteen Years Ago
“Get back here, you thief!”
A stall owner selling fruit angrily shook his fist at a scrawny youth who was making a break for it out of the market square. Various stands bordered the edges of the area, selling numerous wares from near and far. Hoards of people filled the empty gaps of the square, saturating the air with mean bargains, indistinct laughter, and metal clangs from the local smithy.
The thief dodged masses of people, sliding under large wagons and bounding over wooden crates. They tilted their head back slightly, listening to the distant shouts of the fruit seller they stole from.
“Hehe… Too slow for me, old man!” the individual panted as they ran down a wide street. They slowed their pace as they turned into an alleyway of two small structures, slithering in to catch their breath. Still breathing hard, they leaned against the stone wall, gripping their stolen prize: a red apple that had a few brui
:iconcosette8:Cosette8 11 4
KHR: TYL boss by prechu KHR: TYL boss :iconprechu:prechu 68 20 TYL!Squalo Superbia (fem!)_1 by AngieVaria TYL!Squalo Superbia (fem!)_1 :iconangievaria:AngieVaria 25 0



NatashAngellina's Profile Picture
Tasha Natasha
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Welcome to my DA!

my name is natasha~
fell free to call me tasha :D

I'm a hobbyist photographer mainly in cosplays, but i also trying to learn other branch of photography.

I'm a balinese living in jogja for studies :)
if you a cosplayer in jogja and interested to do some photoshoot, feel free to contact me :D

i'm pretty much active on DA and Facebook :D
intrested to do photoshoot with me? let me know!

Email :
Facebook :
hello again DA!
it's been a while since I post on DA. I've been busy with my university business and Photoshoots. since febuary i tried to cosplay myself, guess what? it's really fun :D ! but of course, i didn't stop my job as cosplay photographer~ i enjoy cosplay but i love photography way too much :blowkiss:

last weekend I did 3 photoshoot, K-project, KHR-TYL ver, and UtaPri! i had alot of fun but i got sick after that =___=;
but it was worth it! the photos turns out great! and i also got the chance to work with  :iconrecchinon: !
it's a great pleasure to work with her! her cosplay is amazing :D
i hope we can work together again in the future :)

oh yeah, it would be so lovely if you give comments to the picture i've submitted :D

K-project :
[K] Project  SPOILER by NatashAngellina

Uta pri :
Uta no prince- sama - 01 by NatashAngellina

Katekyou Hitman Reborn  17 by NatashAngellina
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  • Reading: Soul Eater
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