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RAIN FEEDER is an extremely flexible Rainmeter RSS feedreader with ability to toggle through seven (7) preset layouts / styles to fit your desktop - top, side, anywhere.

This is a quality BETA release with a detailed README included in the RMSKIN installer with Known Bugs, Enhancements, how to add your own RSS feeds in the skin, some technical details, Credits.
I am interested in feedback or issues experienced, suggestions for enhancement and will try to support on issues but PLEASE do read the README that is included first

v1.01 BETA

- Can support theoretically unlimited RSS feeds in all 7 layouts, I have included 34 working feeds as a proof-of-concept, 25 of which contain and are showing images
- Add your own RSS feeds**, detailed instructions in the README with (min) 5 to (max) 8 steps
- The skin automatically cycles through the images every 10 seconds or so, if images are available in the RSS fead (not all RSS feeds contain images/easily support image retrieval)
- Up to 22 items per feed can be displayed, cycling through the images of the first 11 items (both could easily enhanced but it seemed enough to me for now!)
- User-defined Icon per RSS feed
- Default/fallback image per RSS feed - especially for those feeds like BBC News which do not contain images at all, ever
- Moving between layouts / styes includes a "fade" transition effect
- Color scheme is automatically derived from the Windows color (Win 10+) using a script from Win 10 Widgets by TJ Markham
- You can preview the RSS feed name per button via a hover/pop-up effect I adapted
- Centralized logic, no RSS "feed-specific" logic in this skin APART from the admittedly complex layout per RSS feed

** Adding your own feed is easy BUT only IF you must understand RSS feed syntax well - you need to extract only <Title>, <Link>, <Description> and <Image URL> BUT practically how that works can take time to learn

Guardian UK, The Telegraph, Independent, Sky News, Huffington Post, CNN - Top Stories, CNN - World News, NYT - US, NYT - World News, Fox News - Politics, Washington Post - Opinion, NASA, Politico, France 24, South China Morning Post (HK), RugbyPass, Rugby365,  Wired, Life Hacker, Epicurious, The Recipe Critic, Guardian Receipes, Computerworld, Le Monde (FR), a local UK newspaper feed

BBC News, CNBC, Channel 4 News (UK), EuroNews, Sydney Morning Herald (AU), Windows Central, OnMsft, Moscow Times (RU), The Ukrainian Weekly (UA)
Note: the majority of these 9 feeds above simply do not have any image information within the RSS feed

After a couple of abortive prototypes I realised that the "foundation" logic I needed was to somehow enhance Kaelri's excellent sorted Feedreader LUA so it also could return an image file name per item. Only after this was done THEN it would be possible to layer on some nice "Win 10 RSS" logic/code from Electic-Tech that elegantly cycles through images using a timer. Once it these were integrated THEN I started to rationalise code, variable names, remove redundancies etc and tbh this rationlisation is "ongoing". Finally I started playing around with interesting UI stuff and built out the 7 basic layouts ground-up but trying out some existing tech like fade effects (Kaelra - again) and custom pop-ups (Yincognito)

BUGS/ISSUES/ENHANCEMENT THOUGHTS? - read the README, which is in the RMSKIN installer

(1) The skin can't handle RSS feeds which store their image files without extensions. Rainmeter caches the files but cannot display. So a way to append a ".JPG "extension on-the-fly is likely needed in this case and seems achievable. Recent examples = eGadget, 500Px
(2) Some feeds hold image information in a "RSS-technically-compliant-but-very-messy" way. Examples includes mutiple images per item, images and videos (MP4) and audio (MP3) all in the same item, feeds hold image/media file references embedded in <Description> data ... and so on. The challenge is to find a way to always try and pull out ONE image per feed item and to achieve that using a set of generic logic i.e. the "storysect" sections. I am aware some RSS feeds will be just too "individualistic" to ever be handled generically BUT in many cases it still looks possible with a bit more learning. Well - in theory anyway!)
(3) Finally some RSS feeds seem "fine and relatively simple" yet the Kaelri feedreader doesn't recognise them as valid, properly structured RSS feeds.
AND critically nor does the site which I use to check them. Need to find out what's going on here ... Recent examples:,


Kaelri's Feedreader/LUA - significantly enhanced for use here
Kaeri's Universal Transition LUA - used as-is for transitions and fades
Custom Tooltip technolgy by Yincognito - modified significantly for the look/feel/UI and is used in one area
System Color plugin by Brian Ferguson - used as-is

"Win10 RSS" by Eclectic-Tech (also RSSFeedPackMax) - significant logic was re-used, and layered onto the enhanced Kaelri feedreader/lua
MEGA READER" bt HiTBiT-PA - not used, but has some neat ideas for some parts of the UI, that I adopted

ALSO: Win10 Widgets by TJ Markham - for the Win10 Metro style, and technically I re-use his SysColors.ini script as-is
© 2022 - 2024 NatashaJay
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Watercoolio's avatar

very useful feeder, thanks for your work. Unfortunately I have 2 problems, hope you can help me?

1: after updating (refresh) the feeds, it always jumps randomly to any feed, but not to the last feed read.

Is there a way to set it so that only 10 feeds are displayed/updated and not 30?

2: unfortunately cannot move the feed window to the right edge of the screen, it is unfortunately locked.

it is only possible to the far left or up. to the bottom right or top right doesn't work, how can I fix it?