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Blending Tutorial

A lot of people asked me about how to blend from my last tutorial, so here's a guide to blending I made that might help clear some things up:)
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I would like to say this helped me SO much understanding how to blend better, and it actually helped me get out of a struggle with myself figuring out why I couldn't improve.
You deserve a favourite for this. :hug:
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Clear and instructive. Thanks.
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I realize this is ancient for you, but you're a hero. I've been sitting here cursing up a storm because I can't figure out how the amazing people pull off blending like this. This is such a perfect and simple breakdown. Thank you.
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Thank you soooo much!
This is perfect for me as a beginner!
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Thank you very, very much for this. The one area I have been struggling with has been blending. This tutorial has answered many of my questions. To go into such detail (opacity and flow settings, tones, colors) was extremely helpful. 
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Thank you for the tutorial! :D
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This was really helpful!
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Thank you! This tutorial has been very helpful for me, this is REAL painting! :) 

Every now and then, I use this method of blending along with the smudge tool for a smoother look. When used properly you can get amazing results. It's a lot better to do this than using  dodge/burn tool or lowering opacity so low that you can barely see any color. :B 
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Very helpful tutorial, thank youHug 
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Me and my damn airbrush were wondering why our shading looked like crap! Thankyuu :-*
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very helpful, thank you for sharing :)
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Exactly what i needed!Thank you so much!:D (Big Grin) 
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i tried this out today for the first time, and it is SO AWESOME. i've been struggling with different methods of blending and this is going to help so much. thank you for posting it :)
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Very interesting !! Thanks ! :D (Big Grin) 
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YES. I am going to go blend like a boss now. Thanks for this! :)
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thank you so much for this tutorial! helped a LOT ^_^
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By any chance, would you happen to know what the Paint Tool Sai equivalent to the Flow option is?

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I think it is called the water tool but I'm not sure. I've heard that helps you blend though and many people find it to be helpful to use SAI because it is not available in PS.
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Ahh, I meant in the brush options.

I'm trying to replicate the rough blending technique in SAI, because I can't afford the latest Photoshop right now and I only have a version from 2009. It's awful.
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ohhh ok. I don't know much then:(
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Makes me wish I had a tablet :c
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