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Laughing Saint Therese

By natamon
This is one of my latest Saint artworks, "Saint Therese Laughing".
This saint is best know for the childlike way she looked at her love for God, as well as life in general. God was her best friend, and her greatest joy.
She is called,'The Little Flower',in part, because she loved them, especially roses. So, I thought I'd give her a whole bunch to enjoy here.
In addition, in all the photographs taken of her, she has a closed mouth, almost Mona Lisa-style smile. As in most of the old photos, they took some time to set up, so people didn't often have the patience or ability to sit and smile for minutes on end, before the picture was actually taken. But I always wondered, what she might look like laughing, with a big, open smile. :)

Size:5x7 inch
Media: mixed

The original of this piece, as well as prints, can be found---> here
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© 2009 - 2021 natamon
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Thanks so much VirlandoPF :)
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You captured her true, heavenly joy perfectly. Down to the little details of the mild dimple and fly away petals. 
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Thanks so much for your kind words! I hope Therese can see the same!
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Christians are the happiest people brothers and sisters even if the world is crumbling everyone smile and be merry because even death can't tear us apart from who we love!
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This is beautiful!
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Demasiado linda (:
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She is so beautiful here. You depict her well. God bless. And I second :icongryffgirl: 's comment. It's just nice to see the saints look more like normal people, more like us.
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Thank you so much Moombeam36.:hug: It means a lot to hear that this affects others in a way that gives glory to God. People being able to actually relate to my saints is so important to me. Thank you again! God helped! :aww:
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You're so welcome and indeed God helped. You have a gift from God. Thank you for sharing that gift with us. :) :hug:
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Lovely! So many depictions of the saints are dour and serious, when the love of the Lord is a joyful experience! We need more joyful religious art like this! :D
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Agreed, when you love someone it's a joyful experience and unfortunately many depictions of the saints make them either very solemn or like miniature deities or both. They were humans too.
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Wow, you did such a fantastic job of this! I love the joy that shows in her. It's just like I imagine her!
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That's a wonderful thing to say, thank you! I tried very much to show her joy and childlike way in her laughing. Thank you again :)
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It looks so joyful! The coloring is very good and the smile is very well done. Open mouth smiles veeeeeeerrrrrryyyy difficult but you did great!
I am so thankful for the awesome work you do for God.
Thank you so much for using His gifts. =)
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Thank you right back cowkul! Your comments bless me so much, and may God bless you this day, with the intercession of His Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother. :love:
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She's BEAUTIFUL. Tons of warmth and emotion here, and the lovely detail in the hands and flowers is really something. You keep getting better with every new piece.
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I love it! :heart: So lovely roses and all beautiful one.
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i love this piece Nat! After reading "The Story of a Soul", St Therese became my favorite and patron saint. I love her so much. This piece is beautiful! You portrayed her child-like essence very well!
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I love the roses and the rosary and her robes! ^^ Especially that sparkle. It's a really nice touch. :heart:
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I'm not much into religion, but as I can appreciate your angels as art I can appreciate this as well. Natamon I'm thoroughly impressed what you do with your medium. It looks beautiful! :heart: I have to say my favorite part is the roses. They look so beautiful. Plus I like how you incorporated her love for flowers as well as that beautiful smile. I have trouble giving people open smiling mouths so I really admire this picture. Nice one!
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