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Laurel from Wings

This is Laurel from the novel WINGS, by Aprilynne Pike. Fun story. You should read it.
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i never imagined the flower at her back like this, but it looks pretty amazing^^
Terrajaide's avatar
Wow, this is really great! Very pretty.:nod: I read this book too. I haven't read the sequel though.:shrug:
Yuaza's avatar
omg thank you so much!
I am reading this book atm for English and I had NO clue of what I should imagine of that thing x'D
i'm now at the part she meets Tamani :)
nataliewhipple's avatar
You are welcome! Enjoy the rest!
Yuaza's avatar
LuvLuvMatchMakerGirl's avatar
WOW! i draw manga too, (which i cant post, like my pic of TAM (GO TAMANI!) bcause of the evil, meniacal... SCANNER!>O)
nataliewhipple's avatar
Scanners...oy. Mine is a pain, too. Which is why I haven't posted much for a while.
LuvLuvMatchMakerGirl's avatar
this is looking like a rebellion of scanners to us fellow artists:D
no wrries, the GOOD side always prevails (like tamani will beat the crap at david AND... srry, got carried away! ;P)
LuvLuvMatchMakerGirl's avatar
WOW! I do manga too, but cant post it ... for now because of my stupid useless scanner>O
i have a pic of TAM i drew in july for a bff (she LOVES tamani like me, she asked 4 it)
soon, it shall... WAIT! im getting carried away... just wanna say, u go fellow MANGA artist:)!!!
juliannalestrange's avatar
wow your talent is amazing :O !this is how i imagined laurel X) (cartoon wise)
nataliewhipple's avatar
Thank you! It was very fun to draw, and fun to give it to Aprilynne when I met her!
juliannalestrange's avatar
ohcool :D !i bet she loved it
tiger1214's avatar
this is the best picture of Laurel i've seen!
tiger1214's avatar
no thank you! i was FINALLY able to finish my report with that pic. heres the site if u wanna c:

nataliewhipple's avatar
Ha! That's awesome! I am happy to help:)
sofiialuchiia's avatar
Wow, that is stunningly beautiful!
Hinokara's avatar
omg ur such an amazing artist!!!! its just.. wow.
hollyfaith's avatar
It's funny, but this is EXACTLY how I pictured this scene!
nataliewhipple's avatar
:) Good to know! Thanks.
MariaTheMouse's avatar
i heard that these gonna be a movie for this omg cant wait to watch
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