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one chinese online store offers my repainted works.
please don't buy from them! they are thieves and the work is stolen!!
they also stole many many works from many dA artists and tones of artists all around the world. :(

link to a journal where you can find more about it:…
i am DA member since 2003 ( started with other account) and all those 9 years DA couldn't expand their shipping to all EU countries! i just wanted to buy my own postcards and saw that i cant! it is so embarrassing! dA staff, do soemthing about it! i just refuse to believe this is happening!… <-what i think about that
My Siamese art is available for sale only for 2 days! click on the image to go to shop! print is signed and numbered and comes with certificate!

hies! I receive so many requests from people to answer questions for their blogs, uni assignments etc etc. so i decided to make a VLOG about my artwork! please ask me any questions you are interested in here in comments and i will pick most frequent ones and most interesting and make a vlog! thankss! :*
add me on Facebook!…

Finally my art book available! It is called Tangled Tales. Beautiful 76 pages, 30x30 cm album printed on lustre paper contains best illustrations and photo works. Each book is signed and numbered by hand, limited edition of 500

art book by NatalieShau…
I would like to make my personal portfolio website and i am searching for designer to make and program it.
Of course this work will be paid!
if you are interested write me a note or email me with examples of your works!

I decided to release second edition of Carmine. 5 copies only.
if interested please contact me:
giclee print on fine art paper 300 g paper. size 50x43 cm.
Peter Steele, passed away yesterday (Wednesday, April 14) at the age of 48.…
it is so fucking sad!
some of the older members of DA can remember the sweet photo gallery of :iconlostgirl: here.
Her works inspired me very much and i was sad that she wasn't active many many years here, but suddenly i found out that she has her personal website!
I am so happy that she is still creating! Take a look at her works.
gimme Llama~!
gimme Llama~!
Siamese for sale! limited edition of 30! 60 EU contact:
100% money will go to organize Drop Dead Festival 2010 in Vilnius!
How to cancel my DA groups memberships?
I hate to see 300 deviations everyday, i cant even see artwork of people that i watch! It is terrible! please help!
Just checked out semi finalists and was very glad i didnt enter this contest.  I didn't see any serious approach to the dream subject, didn't see anythin contemplative and artsy and original. Also i didnt see any photography or trad art chosen.
of course feel free to disagree with me, but it wont change my opinion even for a bit. :)…
wow, thank you for DD on :thumb141643034:
it is not my first DD, but it always feels so good XD
just go here:…
hello there.
i want to announce about my solo show in Bristol this November!
exhibition will continue during whole November in Knifesmith gallery.…
there you will be able to see and purchase my best recent works!

horray! :)