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Knock, knock? Anyone here? Is this thing on? I can't tell if I'm speaking into the ether, since most of you were here for fractal art, and that's obviously not been happening. But in case anyone cares about what's currently happening:

I have been working on a flowers/vegetables farm. It's very awesome and rewarding work, and I love it!
My kids are 15, 14, 13, and 7. They are busy and amazing people and I can't believe I had anything to do with how they're turning out.
My husband hasn't changed. At all.

So life is terrific, if a little hectic. How are all of you? What is up with the fractal scene these days? Anything amazing? I hope to be by here more in the near future. No guarantees, though!

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I'm not dead! I swear! I haven't made art that is postable in a long time, but I'm not dead. I work on a farm, my big kids are teenagers, the baby I left here to have is now 6, and I'm busy busy. I check in here once in a while and I miss you all. :) :love:
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You would rather...

133 votes up late with everything you're supposed to have.
...arrive on time despite missing some things you need.
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Fractal Gifts and Prints! | Gorgeous Fractal Fabric!| Great Recipes in a Hurry! | Family Blog!

Hi everyone! Thanks for the birthday wishes and the comments, faves, and watches. I'm sorry I've been gone for almost a year. I'll be ready to come back on a limited basis, soon. I hear your new GM's are doing a spectacular job, which is totally awesome. Miss you all and hope all is well.


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:bulletblue:Project Educate: Fractals-- the results of our community's hard work!:bulletblue:

We had a terrific Fractal Week for Project Educate last week.  I felt guilty at first that the community had to "do my job for me," as I only had vague plans and ideas with catchy titles, but then I watched as the community spirit poured out and my vague plans and ideas were transformed into something totally awesome and added upon by fantastic ideas I hadn't even thought of! :typerhappy:

Did anyone outside of the community learn about our medium? I don't know. I hope so. :shrug:  Did our community get to know each other better? Yes! :w00t: Did beginning fractalists get awesome tips from veteran fractalists? Yes!! Did veterans and beginners and intermediate fractalists alike get to hone their craft? Yes! Did everyone participate? Highly unlikely, really, but the participation was pretty high. I got to know people who have been around as long as I have that I hadn't met before. I was also introduced to community members who were new to dA, both novice and veteran fractalists, which is always a treat.  I hope you guys got to know new people and people new to you as well! :D

:bulletblue: Combined Art and Math Class Articles :bulletblue:

Project Educate - Fractal Week: Start Fractaling! by caffe1neadd1ct

Journal Entry: Fractals by davebold370

The F Word Issue #30 by guagapunyaimel

Incendia Tips and Tricks by Aexion, shared by DeirdreReynolds, in the IncendiaryArt group blog

:bulletblue: Feature Frenzy Articles :bulletblue:

Fractal Landscapes & Fractal Scenes (Part-1) by LaxmiJayaraj (also in her journal, here.)

Fractal Landscapes & Fractal Scenes-ll-Manipulated by LaxmiJayaraj (also in her journal, here.)

Project Educate - Fractal Week: Purple feature! by caffe1neadd1ct

PE: Fractal Art and Architecture Photography by lindelokse :wow: Stunning!

Texture Fields for Fractal Week by FarDareisMai

banana-tree's Journal Series, Early Influences, edition #3 by esintu

PE - DYK : Fractals Are Nature Artworks? by SaTaNiA

Evocation - Apo, UF, FE, Incendia, etc !! - My contribution to Project Educate by marthig

Fractalicious Rainbow Feature: Oh My Eyes! by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel :omg: Brilliant!

Project Educate - Fractal Week: Beautiful flowers! by caffe1neadd1ct

:bulletblue: Glorious Tutorious ~Live at the #Aposhack :bulletblue:

Apophysis Live Tutorial Log by heavenriver by heavenriver ~ Apophysis Spherical/Disc Tutorial

chat log tutorial by piethein21 by piethein21 ~Apophysis Gnarls and Linked Transforms

:thumb204655745: by deadened-glow ~Apophysis Gradient Tutorial

The Squirrel's Flower Tut07:04:22 PM Grrreat, kiddies, are your UF open? Then we are going to start with the default  mandelbrot and its corresponding Julias. Almost all of my fractals starts with the switch mode. Pretty basic, but oh, so many lovely possibilities.
07:06:40 PM I prefer to have a black/white gradient for the outside colouring and the inside colouring set to none in transfer function. If you've the default colouring, remove all the nodes in the gradient except from two of them and set them in black and white. It helps you to see the finer shapes in your fractal and the colours won't disturb you.
07:10:13 PM If you have your default mandy ready, then you can use the switch button.
07:16:40 PM Switch button is  f7 and click on the mandy and there you'll find the julia
07:18:16 PM Kiddies, find your julia, after that we'll frolic in flowers!!!You find your Outside colour algorithm menu, choose Plug-in colour gradient, go into Colouring algorithm menu, choose Orbit Traps. Th
by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel ~Ultra Fractal Flower Techniques Tutorial

Rendering with Mandelbulb 3D by raysheaf by raysheaf ~ Hi-Quality Renders (and SO much more!) in Mandelbulb 3D

:bulletblue: Artwork, Stamps and Project Educate: Fractal Week's DD's!! :bulletblue:

Fractal Week Stamp 2 by guagapunyaimel Fractal Week Stamp 1 by guagapunyaimel
Intuition by dreamingaze 100112-1a2 by rozzom Daydreaming by zy0rg   Catalyst by uncubitodehielo88 Machinations by piritipany Through the Jade Wheel - Anim by crotafang Welding Works by raysheaf

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:DD Suggestion Box Temporarily CLOSED!!!:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

I am very behind with the Daily Deviation features. Especially now that since I put this notice up around April 11th, I have 25 NEW?! suggestions. :evileye: I am sitting on about 125 DD suggestions; which means were I to approve each and every one of them, I would have enough for every single day between now and when my term as GM is over, plus extra. Since you guys and I both know that is unlikely, I will probably open suggestions up again at the end of this month or in the beginning/middle of May. SO...go ahead and keep browsing or bookmark or favorite things that you find that you love, just don't note them to me yet, okay? I'm a little swamped right now.... Heck. I'm drowning. :roll: I know some of my suggesters aren't watchers of mine and wouldn't just read this before they noted me, so please be extra sure that if you have read this, your notes to me do NOT have DD suggestions in them. :rofl: :paranoid:

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