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The Seeds of Time

i dropped my watch
seed pearls escaped
gears escaped
jewels escaped
batteries escaped
links escaped
joy escaped
white gold escaped
time escaped

and time and space
grew out of the lawn
a whole new universe was spawned
i dropped my watch

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© 2009, Natalie Kelsey
Natalie Kelsey Fine Arts
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Grand Julians often look too much like one another, but this is definitely not the case. The Seeds of Time is a superb work which shows great complexity, a much praiseworthy originality and many heterogeneous elements, kept together through the constant metaphor of time. A clover-like red "plant" embraces the underlying hall, in which flowers clad in clocks keep travelling - or maybe floating - toward an unknown direction in the north-eastern part of the picture. Little Julians on the walls light up their way, assuming the symbolic function of old burning lanterns. A great piece of art, and not just as of what concerns fractal art.
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Beautiful Fractal :)
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I love the details and spacey look of this Natalie! Awesome verse too! =D
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Wow...just....WOW. Hey it alright to suggest a DD to you, for a piece that is yours (i.e. THIS ONE)? LOL!
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Wonderful work
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Has a Native American feel to it :)
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What a stunning fractal! The poem fits it very well too, the fractals really fit the steampunk/gears design. How in the world did you manage such an effect?
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It looks like a dark dream of an eclipse! Very nice, unusual colour scheme. I think the colours being different from what we expect give it the look of a scene stripped of narrative, the secret life of a horizon when no one is looking.
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Awesome! I can easily see this as the cover of the next great publication of String theory or the like, hehe, great piece. And I love clocks! :clap:
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This is absolutly wonderful! :rose::heart:
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Absolutely terrific! :D This is definitely one of my new all time favorites. I love the colors and the design. I think it's brilliant! :D
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Very beautiful!!! Great work!
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woah this fractal is so cool! I love the small flower looking shape at the top. And the cirle shapes at the bottom. They look like germs or cells of some sort :D
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Thank you! :D I feel like this is one of my best Apo pieces. :D Thanks for the comments!
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lol no problem. but you srsly cant blame me. This one looks definitely amazing. It kind makes me seem like im inside an flower that hasnt blossomed yet. Anywayz no problem for the comment and although i havent seen ur othr fractals, this definitely might be ur best. :D
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