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The Navigator's Apprentice

Set stood outside the captain's office feeling apprehensive and unsure. Why did his captain call him now, here? Why had he been asked to drop all his other duties and come right away? He knocked on the door tentatively.

"Come in lad," Captain Donnit said briskly as Set opened the polished wooden door. A gruff man, but not unkind, he and the mate and the navigator stood studying the maps on the table. An otherworldly glow came from the map apparatus as Navigator Jerl spun the wheels and plotted the course.

"You sent for me, Captain?" Set asked nervously.

Captain Donnit nodded. "Jerl has asked to take you on," the captain said, getting right to the point. "Your numbers and letters have come along nicely and it looks like you're in need of a bit more of a challenge. He also assures me you're adept at reading the stars."

Set's heart soared and the apprehensiveness fell away. It was just as he'd dreamed! The only thing that kept him from jumping around the room excitedly was his pride...and the thundercloud look on the mate's face.

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir!" Set said fervently.

"You'll start this evening after your galley chores are finished." The captain clapped him on the shoulder and Set turned to leave.

"Oh, and Set?"

"Yes, Captain?" Set looked back over his shoulder.

"You may replace those tattered cabin boy togs with your parade dress, son. You're the navigator's apprentice, now."

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This reminds me of large building I was in during a dream I had. I was weaving through tall ornate doors that were slowly shutting in unison and I'd be trapped for ten years where eve I ended up…
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Great really it reminds me of Dalis clocks:wow::)
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Oh, this is lovely and your writing is a perfect addition to it. Reading this was very uplifting!
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A spectacular unusual and original the clock-like patterns!!!

Very Best Regards,
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Featured in my journal [link] :)

If you don't want to be featured, just tell me and I'll remove it.
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Awesome! :D Thanks so much!
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I have featured this beautiful piece in my journal [link] :hug:

Helena :heart:
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You're awesome! Thanks! :D
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Fabulous job! Why aren't I watching your work already?
NatalieKelsey's avatar
Thanks! :D

I dunno, hop to it! :giggle:
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Outstanding flame and cool story too!
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:excited: I so love this! :party: It is win, win! :clap:


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very beautiful piece of art with pretty flow of colours. :D Plus, the comment story is really neat :)
NatalieKelsey's avatar
Glad you like my story! :D
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yes, it's fantastic ^^ it's got such a cool atmosphere :)
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Well, my first impression was "wtf, UF image in Apo's gallery?" :D Nice job, Natalie :thumbsup:
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Tableau de bord d'un vaisseau spatio-temporel.
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Marvelous work! :clap:
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Simply a stunningly crafted piece of fractal artwork... :)
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