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The lady stepped out of her steam-powered carriage and pressed a small button on her ruffled pink parasol. There was a quiet whir as the jeweled gears turned and the parasol opened gently. Lady Juliana stepped up on the walkway as her carriage drove off down the street. Carefully keeping her skirts out of the mud, she walked toward the stranger in the eyepatch and spats. She pulled something out of a pocket hidden in her sash and passed it to the stranger.

Now Willford didn't know who to follow. The elegant one-eyed stranger who had the mysterious package? Or the magnificent Lady Juliana?

:bulletpink: For the Think Pink V contest, Fractal Category

Apo 2.09 JK Mods

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I'm not sure I would have ever thought "pink" and "steampunk" in the same sentence lol. But I actually love the combination!!:love:
This really turned out quite nice:hug:
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Love the title, beautiful swirls :heart:
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Thank you so much for entering!
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Thank you so much for entering!
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good luck on the contest,very nice work:clap:
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Think Pink!!! *hums Pink Panther theme* :)
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Really beautiful Dragon :love:
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Love the title:giggle: I wish you the best in the contest :aww:
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That's a very fine fractal, intriguing text and inspired title. :clap:
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Perfectly lovely. :) This pink-and-grey color scheme is very attractive, and the title made me smile.

I have a question-- one that I feel bad asking, since you probably get it all the time, but I was wondering: how long does it take to make a fractal similar to this? I have no idea how fractals are made, and the level of intricate detail that can be achieved in fractals like this one astonishes me.
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Well, it's completely relative to what you are doing and where you are in your knowledge of your program. So I've been making this style for 4 years, and I know my program well, so it only took me a few hours to get what I was looking for, and 75% of that time was placing and refining the colors.

Fractals can be made, a good formula found or just the right color, etc, in moments. Or it can take hours, days, weeks. If you struggle with the program, or conversely, are very very well versed but picky, it can take weeks or months to get a good result.

I'm sorry for the double edged answer. :( It's like drawing or painting, each piece takes its own amount of time. If you're looking to get into fractaling, download Apophysis and start playing with it. You will get intriguing things right away, but to get something organized and satisfying, it will take a few months of fooling around with it, trying tutorials and practicing. There's a great community here of willing and helpful people so try it out sometime!
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