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Fountains in the Temple Garden

Download the zip file, includes one 1024x768 file and one 1920x1200 widescreen file.

Apophysis 2.08 3D
GIMP for watermark

Images © 2009, Natalie Kelsey. Use of these images for personal desktop wallpaper permitted and encouraged by artist. Any other use or distribution of this image strictly prohibited.
© 2009 - 2021 NatalieKelsey
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keiph's avatar
interesting place, i wanna go to it
Kibikayuki's avatar
Wow... this is pretty cool! :)
Sadorath's avatar
I like this wallpaper!
OutsideFate's avatar
Julian outline? cool!
Chimaera-Stormhawk's avatar
Neat! It reminds me of an amoeba... :D
LatteBleu's avatar
I keep thinking to myself, "Where are the frogs?"

Seriously though, I'm thinking beats, music, and a powerful inner garden (as in the title). I love this piece! Well, I wouldn't comment if it didn't touch me in some way. I'd like to stare at it the same way I do a pond, and try to figure out why I feel the way I do when I look at it. For that matter, I want to figure out what I'm feeling too. :D
NatalieKelsey's avatar
:hug: I'm glad you like it so much, Tycho! And gee, I'd love to have frogs in my "garden". ;) That would've been some amazing fractal feat. I like fountains that are lit; unfortunately most that I've seen are in hotel/casinos in Nevada, lol. But water and light and music are so soooothing.
LatteBleu's avatar
I'm not particular with overly flashy fountains either. :D Though, I do love that diet coke and mentos vid that did to replicate the Vegas fountains. Hehe. Fractal frog? Haha. Mebbe not too good to have too many of those about... Far's froggie nightmares would return.

Water and light and music... good flow of chi. :giggle: :hug:
NatalieKelsey's avatar
froggie nightmares?! Thank you for the ammo! :mwahaha:
Chanceazila's avatar
Thank you this makes a really nice desktop (with negative space for my icons :lol:)
:clap: :hug:
NatalieKelsey's avatar
:D Glad you like it!
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