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The Devil's Eyes

A recent commission I had a lot of fun working on: Nick, one of the main characters of Jennifer Lorenzo’s upcoming book “The Devil’s Eyes”, coming soon at [link]

Aside from the fact Nick is exactly the kind of bad-boy character I enjoy most in either stories or on screen, it was fun painting this one as I was specifically instructed not to stray too far from my own OC portrait ‘Scar Face’; the author pointed out the painting was a source of inspiration as both characters look very much alike.

Notice: You can now download the same brushes used to paint this portrait here: [link]

‘Nick’ is © Jennifer Lorenzo, 2011 - [link]
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Outstanding work!

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love his rape face lmao :,D
jkjk great work ;A; its amazing

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Freaky. Well done!
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I swear for a second he blinked...
Wow. It's really good :D nice.
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Hello :wave: Just wanted to let you know that your work has been featured here [link] Enjoy and have a beautiful day! :heart:
How to make on Photoshop?
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Your men faces are unnormal awesome. I love your drawing style and I think you are one of the hidden drawers in this large universum who always put a cool feeling in his pictures.
I hope that I draw my pics like you as soon as possible.

A lot of sweet greetz from Germany!

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Thank Janine! Glad you like my illustrations, and I'm pretty sure you'll be drawing in any style you wish as well! There are A LOT of tutorials and excellent artists online that will certainly help along the way :)
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Thank you :)

I am glad to hear that. I hope that I could learn a lot from you!
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He kind of looks like David Gandy :) Yummy ! Great work!
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BRAVO! David Gandy was one of the refs used!
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He's gorgeous. Well done. :)
wowwwww, looks like Nasir from spartacus with short hair. looooove it tho!!
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Hmmm... Just looked him up as I haven’t seen Spartacus yet. Glad you like!
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so cute :Drooling:
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Haha! He's an awesome character in a well written book... you should check it out.
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What is the name of this guy? The Model you took as Preverence, i mean
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Actually this time around I didn't have a source of reference, aside from a study of shadows, this one was entirely improvised.
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