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:iconnatalieguest:NatalieGuest posted a status
((Posting on all my social medias))

So i know alot of people have been asking me where have i been, why havent i been uploding ect so im finlay gonna clarifi whats been going on

1: so with the whole people re uploding my videis thing when i was strikeing the channels down alot of the channels counter striked me so i was stuck dealing with them and youtube
Due to all that drama i lacked motervation and enery to uplode

2: im currently on week 3 of a 4 week course called NCS and basically atm im doing alot of charity work for it so my main focus is passing this course and makeing a diffrence

3: im currently working on my own comic which I've been drawing lately along with animation ect to get better for my job next year

4: me and my team are working on 2 bug projects atm, re dub of furry situations and were makeing a miraculous ladybug comic dub movie with an artist so we been cropoing and recording for that

5: on saturday i got my heart broken and due to that happeneing ive been avoiding the internet

6: ive made alot of new real life friends lately and want to spend alot of time outside with them

That's pretty much it why im not that active ill try my best but im just very buisy and lacking motervation anyway ill try and uplode more sooon :)

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Ipku Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All of those points are valid points, Natalie :) There;s no need to apologize for that.
Finishing your course will help you in the long run, and meeting new offline friends is very good.
Take a small breather from the online world, and take a step outside, you'll find that you're a lot happier.
Or... so I think... I mean, I'm taking a breather from the internet, and my emotional health is improving :)
NatalieGuest Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ippy, im finding that because im going out alot more, with my friends im getting so much happier then being stuck inside editing :)
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