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:iconnatalieguest:NatalieGuest posted a status
I know alot of peole are gonna say this is too big for me to do but when i have my heart set on something nothing will stop me so anyway :)
As part of mmc guys we want your help
Me and my cast members have notice alot of terrorism and hate in the world
We have notice the all the suffering cause by others and we want to stop that and this is why we need your help
Plese do me a favor and write on a white peace of paper #bringbackthelove and take a picture of yourself holding it and send me a pic either in the comments or pm
We want to make a specail video as part of a mmc project to help the world out and make it better for eveyone, and with evey picture we recive it will be added into the video
We want as many people as possible to help out
We want to make the world a better place for people to be in
If your to shy to take a picture of yourself then do me a favor and share this post and get your friends to share to
Im not asking alot here but it will definitely do alot in the future trust me

We only have a short time on earth and we need to make it better for ourselves and other around us in the time we have got
So please share this post and help us out to make this world a better place for others

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