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:iconnatalieguest:NatalieGuest posted a status
Random facts about me

Hair colour: chocolate Brown

Eye colour: Bluebell

Birthday: October 26

Freckles?: Yes! ^^

Favorite color: Pink

Fandoms: ML, Winx, sonic

Languages: English, French

Best Friend: Toooo many

OTPs/Ships: Marichat, adrienette XD

Favorite Fictional Character: CHATNOIR/ Adrien Agreste

Crushing on someone?: Yes 2 people -_- shit

Favorite school subject: Drama

Favorite Animal: Dogs and rabbits

Random fact: Did you know that onced on a school trip i was out in hawkshead and i need to use the bathroom and ended up going to the boys bathroom without knowing and all my school mates were laughthing at me

If you would be a fictional character, which one would you be?: Marinette: i relate to her tooo well

Did you ever get shipped with someone?: Tooo many times -_- mary

Favorite song(s)?: All the songs from heathers the musical

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