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:iconnatalieguest:NatalieGuest posted a status
So there something i noticed with youtube and artist lately wich someone pointed out to me and i though id make a post about it.

So yesterday i got pulled over by an artist saying i monetized there comic when i didnt. She sent me a screen shot of an app on which artist are useing to check the monetiztion it only accoured to me that the screenshot shows the monetization of the cliant and YouTube themselves.
We notice this when i sent the artist the screenshot of the video and showed that it was undercopyright and i couldnt monetize even if i wanted to.

The app everyone useing isnt showing the monetization of the person, its showing the monetization of the music company and yt themseves (how else would they afford there site)
I relised this when i tried the app in my vlog wiched i monetized and it showed no money was made on the app but on my personal accont showed about 2 dollars made.

So if ur an artist and looking for monetization claims best way to ask is just speaking the the user and asking for screenshots of there comic and the analysis of the video because 9 times out of ten the app ur useing is just showing you the monetization by music company.

Thank you x

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