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Hi!  Hey guys i am trying to make a little bit of extra money ATM to prepare myself for some events happening, and with collage and YouTube taking up most my time, my friends and family don't want me work a part time job until I've finished with finals, so i saw this as a way to make a little bit of more money but also have fun drawing all your characters too.

So Feel Free to Commission me: My prices are below, feel free to take a look around my DA if there something specific you would like me to do and i will come back to you with a price :)

I will draw comic pages for people but them prices will Varies depending on what you want doing how many pages and the time i have :)

Anyway have a Miraculous Day  Heart 

Commissions List by NatalieGuest

It’s Christmas Time and we at MMC want to do something for all to enjoy, we have created our own personal Christmas cards for you to send to your friend and family. With these amazing designs and cheap prices this is the offer you do not want to miss, so go ahead an order you batch of homemade christmas cards and make you christmas filled with Miraculous Magic

1 card for £1.00
12 Cards for £12.00

Shipping +£1.50

Fill out the form below and send a copy to for you christmas cards.

Full Name:


Address line one:

Adress Line Two:


PostCode/Zip Code:


Phone Number:

Billing Price:

Payment must be sent and recived to my paypal: before the cards can be deliverer xx 

Merry Christmas My little Akumas x

Hey guys so i want to get a bit of money for christmas and realy want to improve my relism drawings so im opening up my commissions for them.

Here are my prices:

Sketch art: £10
Line art: £18
Flat Colouring: £25
Full Colouring: £30
Full MonoCrome Renders: £28

Extra People: +£10 per person
Backgrounds: +£5

What i can draw:
Facial features
Family Portrates
Model Photos

What i wont draw:

Payments can be made Via Paypal, My bankAccount or cash in hand if i know you personaly.

50% of the payment is to be made before the drawing is made then after it is complete the rest of the payment to stop people takeing the advantage of my art work.

Family can get up to 20% Off ALL Commissions

Thank you xx

A farmer says to a boy If i have 30 sheep a half are bad sheep and I let them free how many. Sheep do I have 
The boy replies saying 15 
The farmer shakes his head no I'd have 40 cause if I got rid of the bad ones the good ones would introduce me to new good ones . The boy looked up confused. The Farmer then spoke and said if you have 30 apples and 15 are bad would your throw them away. The boy nodded. Would u forget them apples. The boy nodded. And if I was an apple and I gave you 10 more how many would you have. The boy said 25. The farmer smiled as said if you forget about them bad apples and be able to get new ones why can't you do that about friends,the boy looked at the farmer and decided to walk of to think only to realise that he been thinking life in a bad way and with that did what the farmer told him, he got rid of the bad apples and kept the good ones and the good ones gave him more.

We're all like apples some are good and some are bad just get rid and forget the bad ones and keep and make new good ones cause that will make u happy.
Ok so i had a little theory for a while now and ive kept it very quiet but kept and eye on the community ect and my thory seems to be proven by most.
Ok so ive noticed that as much as miraculous ladybug ia aimed for kids its seems to me that we as the fans are turning it in to more a late teens early adults show and here my reason why

1: when it comes to dubbing fan comics i pay very close attention to my veiws and ive noticed that not only on my channel but a few others as well that the most popluar videos are oftern the one where someone is hurt bleeding injured ect. Which is abit more graphical however it has the most veiws where as funny comics have a lower veiw count even though that what the show is aimed for based on commedy

2: i asked my fans to write down some ideas for me to draw comics for my channel and the most requested idea was marinette getting kidnapped and torchered o.o

3: thumbnails: i noticed that unless your thumbnail has some sort of negativity your video wonr get as many veiws the reason for this is because of society we live in we want to experience the negativity without actualy getting hurt

4: there this one youtuber who i noticed out a rule 34 image as there thumbnail for a video  and instantly people recognised the image but also the video got very popular in the matter of hours

5: point 4 helps with point 5, why is there even rule 34 art of this show, i thought rhomas clearly said not to make porn of the show but we have a whole rule 34 dedicated to miraculous ladybug

6: did you know the most searched fanfiction titles include : Marinette getting raped, hurt, bullying, sucide and self harm

Now becauss of all the reason ive mentioned there and there are plenty more my question is this are we turning a good child tv show into something adult like with all the blood, gore, violence and rape  obviously im not an angel and i myself enjoy and prefer reading the more darker comics but its just a thought i had are we actualy turning this show darker then intended?

Comment below your thoughts id love to hear them :)
So for my English exam i have to write a creative short story so here is what i produced, please give me your thoughts since i really want to pass this exam

Darkness within my heart by Natalie Guest 114

The moon, gleamed in the drizzling puddle below me, raindrops piercing my cold, pale skin like needles through the cloth. The Rain poured with doubt and dread showing me no hope for it to be stopping anytime soon. The lightning flashed illuminating the city creating a spark of light before utter darkness again. I hated being stood out here. Nothing to do except watching the rain bounce among the city. The lightning flashed again followed by a drum of thunder.

My back slid down the cold, steel bar as I sat down upon the edge. The rain, began to pick up, harder this time, falling upon my skin as cold as icicles. I shivered. Why was I out here freezing my toes off and she was in there haveing all the fun? I envied her free spirit, how no matter what wrong she did, I got the blame. I mean what right did she have taking all the praise and joy and I was out here hated and cold?

I watched her like a hawk.

Enjoying the company of the others that surrounded her. I watched her smile light up the room as the others smiled around her. it made me sick. it felt like hours I was sat here, just watching her get all the praise and attention of the city, it was about 10 pm by the time she said her final goodbye's to everyone. watching them give her hugs and bidding her farewell as she left. I saw her approach me, that angelic smile that attracted all the attention of the men around her. she looked at me confused, I could tell she saw my rage. we stood in silence for what seemed like only a couple of seconds. a tear drifted down my cheek which obviously she saw. The lightning flashed again, directly over us this time, it allowed me to see the details of her face. Her emerald eyes that glowed with purity and love, The freckles that danced upon her cheek, the way her long, brown hair flowed Ophelia in the wind. How I hated it.

she looked at me again this time full of empathy as she began to walk closer towards me, with open arms she wrapped herself around my back, embracing me with a hug.It made my blood boil. I wanted her to let go of me, I wanted to run away like no tomorrow, but she kept a tight grasp on me, whispering into my ears how it will be "ok" the sound of her soft voice made the hairs on the back of my neck tingle.

I could feel my heart beat pounding in  my chest "thump, thump, thump" how I hated her gentle touch, "thump, thump, thump" why won't she let me go?  "thump, thump, thump" why was she the hero in this? "thump, thump, thump" why won't she die! "thump, thump..."

I could see the glimmer of her blade beckoning out to me, the silver metal being reflected in the moonlight. I tentatively grabbed the blade from her belt and without thinking stabbed her through her back, blood oozing out from the wound. She looked at me. Widen eyes. the only word that came from her was "why?". She fell to the floor, gagging on her own blood that was bubbling in her throat, Her once soften, brown hair drenched in her own blood. Tears flowed from her eyes as she began to take her final breath. I watched her emerald eyes turn blank and slowly closing into nothingness.

I walked away, hearing the screams of young people piercing through my ears. The sound of ambulance's fading in the distance towards the scene.

The rain slowly turned into a drizzle and the once forgotten sun began to shine high in the sky. I smiled, regretting nothing that I have just done. I mean she liked the attention of others and being the center of it all, I did her a favor as this surely won't be an event forgotten anytime soon.

Hey guys so it is the Easter Holidays and yeah i have exams and stuff but im getting pretty bored and i could use the extra cash ready for my prom

SO my commissions are open for anyone

Payment must be in either points or sent to my bank account

send me a note on what you want and ill get to it

What i can draw
Anime Characters
Sonic Characters
Self Portraits
Winx Fairies

What i Don't draw

Prices MAY change depending on what you want EG: half body, full body or Chibi
Sketch by NatalieGuest
For A sketch Drawing of your character : Points Points 50  or £3.00

Line Art by NatalieGuest
For Line art Drawing of your Characters: Points Points 100 or £5.00
Flat Colouring by NatalieGuest
Flat colouring of your Character : Points Points 125 Or £8.00
Renders Colouring by NatalieGuest
High Quality Shadeing/Renders: Points Points 200 or £15
Background by NatalieGuest

For Backgrounds is and extra 20 Points  or £3.00 depending on the details of the background

For a commission just send me a note or comment below HAVE an amazing Day my little Akumas :)

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

This hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hacks your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked
The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. i suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but its better then not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone!
if you see this lad block him and report him immediately he is a pervEww by NatalieGuest
hey guys so while im alittle bored i thought id do some point commissions
i will pretty much draw anything apart from, robots and them hard characters and nudety
just telll me what you want and i will give you a price,
i can do it just sketching
simple colouring

Just comment below ^^
So its become a thing where if u have something wrong with you that people shame you for it,
So i decded to share this post about me,there are many of them online and if u see one about you, share it because together we can end all suicity judgements and we are all not alone and can do it together ^^
embedded_item1483380093437 by NatalieGuest
so recently ive been tagged in a post by my friend Nintrendodude and a few friends on facebook, about what i want for christmas and that got me thinkin, what do i realy want for christmas,
and honest to god i couldn't decide on anything, reason being i have everything i want, family, friends, a roof over my head, food, heat, love.

I have something that a few people have and there no point realy wanting more, Christmas is a time for giving and helping people out in the poor, and tbh all i want for christmas is for the people who has everything they want to pray,
pray for thouse who have little to nothin this christmas and may they be safe in this festive time

This christmas lets all come together and do our part in society to make the work a better place,

Merry Christmas everyone
Merry christmas everybody 
Four years old
With my back to the door
All I could hear
Was the family war
Your selfish hands
Always expecting more
Am I your child?
Or jut a charity award?

Oh father
Please father
I'd love to leave you alone
But I can't let you go
Oh father
Please father
Put the bottle down
For the love of a daughter

5 years ago my father left me and i only just relised this on my facebook today.
Daddy i know you will see this and i just have one thing to say to you
i miss you
but im proud of you
x302719 10150273863511272 8226387 N by NatalieGuest
308092 10150273875446272 7421387 N by NatalieGuest
 so ive been hideling away in the shadows lately and ive have been telling you all alot about what going on but ive not been mentioning who,WHY, cause i dont stoop to that low of a level.But i wanna say something, something that has been on my chest for a while now and i need to let it out, and that is, IM SICK AND TIRED OFF PEOPLE POSTING SHIT ABOUT ME. Ok did you know it's against the law to cyber bully someone, did you know it moraly wrong to make hate pages,tell artist lies, spread random shit that isnt even true. No. welll it is. And im sick and tired of hideing in the shadows cowading away from all this, but the reason i am is because im scared off everyone and everything thats going on right now.

What makes this whole situation worse is im a child being bullied by a grown adult's, you might not see this as bullying but if you ask anyone,police officer,couicler, teacher ect, posting stuff about people is bullying and ive had enough off it.

i know where ever i go im gonna get haters i understand that,but getting death threats, people legit just makeing pages and pages of lies about you, being sexualy harrased on skype, NO THATS BEYOND THE LIMITS.

I never thought id be where i am right now in my life, i honestly didnt ask to be as popular as i am with youtube because i thought my voice acting was shit,but then people kept telling me to contiue so i did and i got to become a major part of the miraculous community,which i loved to bits but like i said i never asked for it,it just happened.

I admit ive made a few mistakes in my life, but dont we all. Im just a kid, im gonna make mistakes but im learning from my mistakes to become a better person then i alredy am.

All i ask is stop posting post about me, Please.
Im done with argueing, im done with stressing out, this is about me and my now and i ask for yall to stop.
Let us rember all the people who died in the war,
let us rember all thouse family who lost there loved one protecting our Country,
Ler us rember all them soliders who died for us.
And we ask god to watch over every single one of them on this remberence day
as we say

We pray for all who suffer as a result of conflict,

And ask that God may give us peace:


For the service men and women who have died in the violence of war,

Each one remembered by and known to God;

For those who love them in death as in life,

Offering the distress of our grief and the sadness of our loss;

For all members for the armed forces who are in danger this day,

Remembering, friends and all who pray for their safe return;


For civilian women, children and men whose lives are disfigured by war or terror,

Calling to mind in penitence the anger and hatreds of humanity;

For peace-makers and peace-keepers,

Who seek to keep this world secure and free;


For all who bear the burden and privilege of leadership,

Political, military and religious;

Asking for gifts of wisdom and resolve in the search for reconciliation and peace.


O God of truth and justice, we hold before you those whose memory we cherish, and those whose names we will never know. Help us to lift our eyes above the torment of this broken world, and grant us the grace to pray for those who wish us harm. As we honour the past, may we put our faith in your future; for you are the source of life and hope, now and for ever.


Have your minute silence and pray for all those who helped save our country
and let us rember


Only chris
embedded_item1478298212136 by NatalieGuest
Does anyone elses parents do this or just mine?
embedded_item1478201842705 by NatalieGuest
"Plagg i need to ask you something, and i know im not suppose to butt.... i know you know who ladybug is and the only reason your not telling me is because you need to let her tell you but please plagg,... i need to know who she is to warn her and protect her, i dont care  if i die plagg....please let me protect her, TELL ME WHO SHE IS" Adrien spoke now getting worked up again. His kwammi could tell that this ment alot to him and that he realy wanted to protect her

"Adrien your partner is....Marinette Dupain-Cheng"

"Wait what...are you serious" Adrien questioned in confusion, all this time the girl sitting behind him in class was actualy his ladybug
"Yes Adrien, Marrinette is your partner she is ladybug" plagg spoke while eating another peace of cheese. Adrien just stood there stuned for words, he couldn't belive he had been so blind and now thinking about him marrinette and ladybug did look much alike. He smiled. He finaly knew who was his love of his life and who he would spend the rest of his life with. Adrien fell ontop of his bed and gleemed he thiugh nothing could go wrong now untill he then rember why he asked plagg in the first place and how actualy finding out distracted him from what actualy happened
"Oh shoot marrinette she..she will be indanger i have to warn her" he quickly grabs his phone and checks the time 4am, it was too early for him to ring her and if he did she or her parents would probly get mad or something for wakeing her up so early
"Surely nothing would happen in tonight, i will tell her in class tomorrow that way i know and can protect her and make sure shs safe" he thought and with that shut his eyes and fell asleep.

It was 8:30am and marrinette had just sat down with the rest of the class to her desk she was sat next to her  friend alya and started to chat with her.
"So hows the ladyblog going girl?" She ask. She was always curious about how she was doing and always wondered if she was ever close to find out who she truely was
"Its going great girl i have so much new content on there and i think im so close to reveling who she realy is" alya squeeled in joy, marrinette just giggled and hugged her best friend.
The bell had just rang so marrinette got out her books and looked at the teacher redy to lern.

Adrien was running as fast as he could to the school he wished he hadnt over slep. He leapt up the stairs of the school and through the door where suddenly he sliped and fell over. Adrien looked up and saw a shadow like figure going up the stairs behind him. He gasp. He had to warn marrinette quickly. Adrien got up and started to leg it to class redy and all for what he about to face.

Marrinette was in class writing down the ansers to a test she was doing, the test was on willam Shakespeare and weather she knew the story or not. Marrinettr had just finshed the first side of the paper when suddenly adrien burst in out of breath
"Mr agrest what time do you call this class started an hour ago"  the teacher yelled but adrien didnt care he was to bothered about warning marrinette.
Adrien walked over to marriette and gave her a worried look
"Marrinette i have to tell you something" he spoke to her calmly hopeing to not panic her
"Mr agreste you can gossip later now the time for class" the teacher yelled adrien still not careing continued to look at marrinette
"Marrinette your in serous danger" he spoke this cause the class and the teacher to go silent and stare at them both
"What do you mean?"  She asked with a concerned look on her face
"Vampires there out to get you and... ahhhhhhh" adrien screamed in pain, he grabed his chest and fell to the floor. This caused marrinette to go in panic and ran over to him.
"Adrien whats going on what happened to you" she spoke tears in her eyes. Nino and alya ran over to adrien as well and started to try and help him, the rest of the class got up off there seats and walked over
"Marrinette..." he spoke gasping for breath he grabed his chest again and screamed some more. Marrinette got up and started to cry no one was looking at marrinette there eyes were all on adrien who was now shakeing and sweating.

One of the vampires heard everything and without a sound came into the class room and behind marrinette, with a single had the vampire grabed marrinette by the neck and started chocking her. Marrinette screamed for help, this caused adrien despite the pain get up and run over to her
"Aww look the kitty has come to save his ladybug well too bad she is ours now" the vampire laughed and grabed hold of marrinette harder this caused her to be overwelmed with pain, pain wich was too much for her to handle and caused her to colapse in there alms
"Hahhah finaly we have ladybug, hawkmoth will be pleased about this and when he has her miraculous we will have a lovely boost of power and an amazing meal for tonight hahaha" this caused everyone to gasp at the siund of marrinette was ladybug and how she was going to be killed tonigh. Alya huged nino and started to cry
"Let marrinette go you mosters" adrien screamed, marrinette was still a young teen and should't be experiencing this
"Hahah or what chatnoir you will hurt us with your shoe, oh please. Haahah so long everybody and say goodbye to your friend for she is ours tonight" and with that they punched adrien in the chest and vanished in thin air with marrinette.

Adrien colapsed on to his knees and started to cry, everyone in the class ran towards him and started to tear up too including alay and nino who were now hugging eachother tightly
"I lost her and now she is going to be killed and its all my fault" he cried.
Alya who had stoped crying had finaly got up and huged adrien
"Dont worry adrien your chatnoir im sure you can save her in time"


" wait don't do it, use chatnoir to get to ladybug she is the hardest to get and if u have chatnoir on ur team she will be weak and you can get her" he spoke menisivly
" hahahah ok" and with that he let chatnoir go. Chat stood up and had a worried look on his face and with the last but of confidence he had he finaly gained enough courage to speak
" Who are you?"


The man glared at Chat sending a frightning wave of distress down his back.

"We are the Hunters of the nigh, a small group of vampires here to contain the power of the world, and to do that i need the power of yours and ladybug miraculous's heheh" The man spoke with smirk walking up to Chatnoir. Chat started to back away slowly untill another one of the vampires stood behind him and grabed his alm digging his claws into his skin. This cause Chat Noir to yelp in pain. 

"Aww whats the matter kitty, Can the big cat not take a bunch of Vampires" Another man spoke mocking Chatnoir and strokeing his cold hands upon chat face.

"What ever you do to me i dont care, i can take it and i will not let you get my ladybug, As long as i live i will protect her and...aghh!" Chatnoir cried as Troy hit him in the face causeing it too bruse chat  cheak. The leader of the vampires walked up to chat and placed his hands up on his shoulders, The others formed a circle around them both. Chatnoir was confused on whats was going on. He clenched his fist tightly getting redy to attack,but before anything could happen the vampires eyes started glowing and so did chat, he was now getting very concerned and did like the feeling he was haveing. Soon after they started to say something, chat couldn't understand what they were saying but he just stayed there traped and unfree to move. A few moments later he started to feel very weak like his body just wanted to colapse

"you will not rember this night or warn ladybug about the upcomeing battle to take place, For if you do your life shortened and you will die, This curse lays upon you for if you mention this event then it will be bye bye Chatnoir" The leader spoke yelling at chatnoir, just then a beam of light shone from his eyes and hit chat in the chest causeing him to screem in pain

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he yelled as the other vampires laughed.

"You have been warned, we will now send you back to your home for your life needs it rest for the battle yet to come" and with that chat noir vanished in thin air and back to his home and upon his bed.

Adrien just sat on his bed and began to think about what just happened. His kwamii had alredy took it upon his self to go get something to eat, he didnt balme him all they went through tonight he suprise his kwamii didnt collaps or get seriously hurt. He stood up and walked in to the bathroom and towards the mirror to examine his body. He wasnt seriously injured but he could see 2 scratch marks on either side of his alm where the vampire dug his claws into his skin. He had a bruse upon the side of his neck and under his eye but nothing too bad. He sighed and walked towards the window in his bed room, his eyes were full of tears and he now started shakeing

"Im so sorry ladybug, im sorry about the danger im going to put you in and im sorry about what going to happen and how i can't protect you ......IM SORRY" he yelled tears now running down his cheaks. He wraped his alms around himself and sat on the floor crying. He didnt know what to do he wanted to live and be with ladybug forever but if he says nothing then ladybug would die. He need to find out who she was and warn her even if it ment giving up his life.

Not long after Adrien kwammi Plagg came in happy and giddy as normal, he acted like nothing had happened which was a blessing for adrien. Adrien walked up to plagg and huged his kwammi tightly, normal plagg would just push adrien away when ever he hugged him but he heard his friend crying before and decided he would need a bit of comfort.

"Plagg i need to ask you something, and i know im not suppose to butt.... i know you know who ladybug is and the only reason your not telling me is because you need to let her tell you but please plagg,... i need to know who she is to warn her and protect her, i dont care  if i die plagg....please let me protect her, TELL ME WHO SHE IS" Adrien spoke now getting worked up again. His kwammi could tell that this ment alot to him and that he realy wanted to protect her

"Adrien your partner is....Marinette Dupain-Cheng"

It was a dull evening in paris, as our 2 super heros were patroling the city, helping anyone in need. There hadnt been an akuma attack in weeks and they were in fear that hawkmoth were planning something big.

It was now 10pm and the 2 super heros decided to take a break and chill out for a bit before getting back to action. Chatnoir thought now would be a great time to talk to ladybug about what he thinks is going to be a big battle ahead of them.
He walks over to his spotty partner and takes a deap breath and begins to talk
"Hey ladybug I've been thinking" he started feeling a little bit nervous with what he was going to say and how her reaction would be
"What's up kitty" she replied he voice soft and gentle, that what he always liked about her that she was someone kind and with a heart of gold
" well you see...I've been watching Paris with you for the past few days and you see there has been no akumas at all" he spoke being more serious about this
"So, it just means that Paris is calm and no one getting hurt, what the problem in that?" She spoke not getting at what he was trying to say
"I understand that but.... what if he planning something big and we're not Redy for him, I don't want to lose you ladybug" he said trembling
This was one of the first time she had seen him like this and it must of realy be worrying him, as he dosnt normaly show his emotional side.
"There, there kitty, don't you worry nothing gonna happen to me i promise, I'm always gonna be here for u till the day I die" she said patting his head
"Thank you my lady, thank you ever so much" he spoke hugging his partner tightly
"Listen it been along day and I can tell ur a little week and I don't think there gonna be an attack tonight so how about we do one more patrol around Paris for the night and head back home a bit earlier tonight and get our rest, and if anything happens while we are at home we ring eachother, sounds good" she said standing up
"Sounds puuuurrrrfect my lady" he giggled
And with that they jumped off the building they were on and glided from building to building enduring the city they were in and the peace it brings to them.

"Have you got the stuff" a dark shadow like man spoke grabbing another man a but smaller then him by his neck
"No I'm sorry sir, I just couldn't get them in time away from the police I'm sorry sir I'll try again next time I promise" the man spoke very fast and scared. THE shadow like man threw the other man across the floor and walked towards the chair and sat on it.
"What part of 'dark night pray' do you not get troy" he spoke, his voice echoed through the ally ways and upon the night sky. All of the sudden a bright purple glow came across his face and a voice began to speak to him.
"I can feel you pain very well my friend and would like to offer you a deal to your situation" the voice spoke in a deathly way
"Go on" the man replied, curious about what was going on
" hahahaha, my name is Hawkmoth and I will help you and your team mates become real killers of the night all I ask is for you to help me get the miraculous of ladybug and chatnoir, a fair deal if I say so myself. So then what do you say"
" I say let my blood be cold and my body pure I am in"
" hahahah very well then, Hunter off the night you and your crew are now the most powerful vampires there ever has been so go do you job and don't return u till u have the miraculous's hahhaha" he laught evily his voice echoing everywhere
And with that the Hunters of the night had vanished in thin air.

Ladybug and chatnoir had now just finshed the patroling and was about to head back to there places for the night.
"I had a great time kitty. I guess I'll see you tommorow?" She spoke getting redy to leave him for the night
" yeah ok, Oh rember to call me if anything happens ok bugaboo?"
"OK night kitty" and with that she flew off leaving him all alone in the dark. Chatnoir was about to head off back to his mansion until he heard voices comeing from behind him, he turned around to see 6 people, with pale white skin comeing towards him, he decided to leap into the air and try to escape them but before he could one of them jump on top of him and pinned him down.
A Tall man walked towards chat and scratched his face causing it to bleed, and with his tong Lick it. This caused shivers to go down chat spine. The man stopped and was about to bite chat until late he heard the voice again.
" wait don't do it, use chatnoir to get to ladybug she is the hardest to get and if u have chatnoir on ur team she will be weak and you can get her" he spoke menisivly
" hahahah ok" and with that he let chatnoir go. Chat stood up and had a worried look on his face and with the last but of confidence he had he finaly gained enough courage to speak
" Who are you?"

Author note
OK so I wanted to write this story for a while but never had the time. I started it but never finshed so I thought I might finsh it so here is chapter one I hope you like it and I'll try and post chapter 2 tommorow so yeah
Sorry for the wait but youtubeing is alot of work and I bearely get time to myself to just sit back and write
Thanks for reading my little akumas
Love Natalie