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I wanted to draw something werewolf/rougarou related, and this glorious woman came to my mind. Hope you all like her, too
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Nice work. :)

I love how... nightmarish and ghoulish the werewolf's blank, mist-coloured eyes on her snarling face make her look. Together with her very real-looking and muscular-looking body, she ends up looking really terrifying. And I love the pale, misty forested background around and behind her. The flecks of ash falling a la Silent Hill in the foggy grey forest really help to make the setting feel supernatural and unsafe, as if we've been trapped in another mystical world with this creature as her prey. The werewolf's hooked claws look really detailed and highlighted in this pic, in a way which together with her raised-arms posture draws attention to the claws and forces the viewer looking at this pic to imagine those claws being used on them look meat hooks. :o

Great, unsettling and beautiful werewolf pic! [Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Fanged Evil Smile Werewolf Howl la-werewolf Jack-O-Bonnie - Five Nights at Freddys 4 -Icon GIF *Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen F2U - Pumpkin-Kitty icon! Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins Howling Wolf