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Corpse Bride

corpse bride cosplay
today i remembered how i used to love this movie)
photo by firedemon
editing by me
cosplay video [link]
more emily cosplay [link]
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Any tips for making a Corpse Bride costume? I need advice on headband and bouquet.
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really beautiful and realistic cosplay of corpse bride !!! *Q* It's a pleasure to find one that is well made ! Thank you for your photographies :D
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If I touch a burning candle I can feel no pain
If you cut me with a knife it's still the same
And I know her heart is beating
And I know that I am dead
Yet the pain here that I feel
Try and tell me it's not real
For it seems that I still have a tear to shed

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My Dear God! Are you that thin? 
Don't take it in the wrong way... I totally loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it! Best Cosplay I've ever seen!
Xaviera1991's avatar
Best Emily cosplay i've seen <3
TechnoBunny16's avatar
WOW! u look a lot like her! If u were in a cosplay contest I think u would win! Amzing job!
Blodhramr's avatar
How did you make your skin blue?
ive1always1loved1you's avatar
Amazing cosplay that photoshopped or are you really that skinny?
YiskaXIII's avatar
This is amazing.
andie0625's avatar
i really love this movie
Cytheria-Li's avatar
I LOVE YOU! *in a non creeper way* You make a great Emily!!
BlueNinjaCupcake's avatar
Nina-Lovett's avatar
It's the best cosplay i've ever seen. <3
LetsStareAtClouds's avatar
This... is amazing! So melancholy and wonderful! Love the make-up :D
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XxBefore-I-SleepxX's avatar
Wow, totally nailed it! Beautiful cosplay!
xXMedicXx's avatar
is she actually that thin? O_O
hrfarrington's avatar
Holy frak, what a fantastic cosplay! :iconiloveitplz:
Charlesdeleroy's avatar
Very nicely done indeed. Excellent color schemes and scenery. Not to mention the posturing and angles.
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