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November 30, 2012
Complete 'Digital Painting' and 'GIMP' Tutorial by *crystal-89 Is a very thorough and easy to understand tutorial on using The Gimp. Also suggested by *EternalRC and ~Art-Recale
Featured by Elandria
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Complete 'Digital Painting' and 'GIMP' Tutorial

Edit: May 2016 - I have recently been receiving a lot of attention on this piece and really appreciate the continuing support! I get quite a kick out of reading over this and seeing my 18 year-old sense of humour coming through! I hope to do a new updated tutorial as my style and understanding of painting has changed a bit since this time, but I am happy to answer any questions you guys might have after reading this. Thanks again!

For more art, tips and behind the scenes, you can see more on my pages.

Instagram: @artbynataliebeth


The Big Colour Tutorial by nataliebeth New Colour Tutorial!

Edit* A DD? OH my goodness. THANK-YOU so, so much to everyone! This is incredible and now it's all thanks to you beautiful people for inspiring me. Many thanks to *EternalRC, ~Art-Recale, *FlirtingWithInsanity and ^Elandria - this means more than words can say.

Download for full view! Refresh page if does not appear, it will take a while, its very big, im sorry.

Simplified Version: Digital Painting Tutorial - Facial Features by nataliebeth

In this tutorial:
:bulletblue: Overview of all icons and the basic functions in the GIMP menu.
:bulletblue: Brush and colour palette basics
:bulletblue: Backgrounds
:bulletblue: Skin tone painting and colours
:bulletblue: How to paint Eyes
:bulletblue: How to paint Noses
:bulletblue: How to paint Mouths
:bulletblue: How to paint Hair
:bulletblue: Layer modes and highlights.
:bulletblue: Contains bad humour.

Okay, as promised, I have brought you my MASSIVE digital painting and GIMP tutorial. I have spent the last week putting together this monster for you guys. :aww:
I'm sorry its so big, I just had so much I wanted to say. And at the end of the day, you can choose what you read. It is basically just a overview of everything so you can read as little or as much as you want.

I have used my latest digital painting Rapunzel to demonstrate painting the facial features and background.
Additionally I have added a realistic imaginative example of painting features.

Rapunzel Digital Painting + Steps by nataliebeth

If you have any questions, pleaaasse comment, some of my wording may be a little vague or chatty, so I'm happy to clarify, or try to answer other questions.

Thanks so much, hope it helps.

Crystal/ Natalie.
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sunday322's avatar

i dont understand how to blend colors,it just overlapping on each other

MatchesMalone's avatar

It's very, very, small.... I had to zoom in to read....

jesse0319's avatar
Holy cow, this is by far the most complete and helpful digital painting tutorial I've seen - including all the videos I've watched! Thank you SO much, I'll be referring to this often from now on! :O
nataliebeth's avatar
Thanks so much for your feedback, I'm glad it's still relevant even now! Appreciate you taking the time to let me know! :love:
beetale's avatar
blucloud-zz  h o l y s h i t t u 
nataliebeth's avatar
Haha thank-you for the compliment lol! :lmao:
AKitNamedMinty's avatar
nataliebeth's avatar
Thanks so much! :love: Aww!
AKitNamedMinty's avatar
mrkinkoi2011's avatar
I am watching you :)
nataliebeth's avatar
Thanks so much for the support! :aww:
alexrees's avatar
This will be of great help. Thank you!
nataliebeth's avatar
You are so welcome! Glad to hear it has helped! :aww:
magpiepatronus's avatar
Legit thank you so much, I've been stuck with flat colour and poor shading..I tried to paint. It was bad. I'm super excited to test this tutorial out, so again thanks a ton, this is absolutely stunning!
nataliebeth's avatar
Aww, this is exactly why I create these tutorials! Let me know how you are doing now! :aww: Thanks again!
MikesScribbles's avatar
I'm glad you include some bad humor in your tutorial.
 looks like a lot of work, thanks...
nataliebeth's avatar
Haha, unfortunately, my bad humour has only gotten worse with age haha! :lmao:

Appreciate it!
MikesScribbles's avatar
do you have any advice on formatting a tutorial in GIMP?
yours are quite nice visually...
nataliebeth's avatar
Hi again! I don't have anything specific! Just work on layers, cause I had to move things a lot! And a bit of humour never goes astray. :lmao:
SomeOrdinaryKinkster's avatar
Awesome! Hopefully this can help me along! I've only been drawing for a few months, and I'm just now getting into purely digital drawings. I'm really itching to improve my art style, and knowing that high-quality drawings are possible with GIMP gives me a lot of hope! I'm also grateful for the explanations for all the tools, as I'm left with something to be desired when I look at the GIMP forums and the like. Thanks a bunch for making this!
nataliebeth's avatar
Of course! Tools only aid the artist... the skills of an artist makes them versatile with working in many mediums!
GIMP is a great program! I only started using Photoshop for professional reasons in recent times!
SomeOrdinaryKinkster's avatar
Didn't actually anticipate a reply to this; thanks!

I made the investment and went with Manga Studio EX 4 and have been using that exclusively as of late. Been thinking about investing in SAI Paint or the newer version of Manga Studio/Clip Paint. I was going to keep using GIMP as well, but for some odd reason, it decided it didn't like my tablet. Worked fine before, but it was too much of a hassle to try troubleshoot.
nataliebeth's avatar
I have had trouble with Gimp recently with my tablet. But I need to buy a new tablet as my current one is very old haha!
That's great news that you've found something that suits you! That's the right way to go.

Hope you continue to grow and learn lots! :la:
acritarchman's avatar
Absolutely awesome indeed!!
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