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My Bio

O The night I wrote this biography, I had pizza for dinner.
O My favourite movie is Tangled.
O My name is Natalie and Beth is my middle name.
O Sometimes I speaksofastwhenI'mexcited and Iusetheword um a lot.
O Um.
O I am a singer!
O My first serious drawing was of Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, I still have it to this day.
O I love the smell of sunscreen and fruity candles.
O I'm still waiting for Ben Barnes to realise I exist.
O My dream is to work as a visual development artist for animated films.
O I still jump onto my bed after I turn the light off.
O My current favourite artist is Pernille Orum.
O I'm a hopeless Romantic.
O I hate the sound of people chewing and love the sound of air conditioning during a summer night.
O I have freckles on my forearm in the shape of the southern cross.
O I always raise my right eyebrow when I talk.
O I am addicted to "Art Of" books... I have over 20.
O Anything that sparkles causes me to be like a moth to a light... I'm very predictable when I go shopping.
O I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design from which I graduated last year.
O I love Dan and Phil.
O I don't know why people like celery and anchovies.
O If you take away anything from this biography... it would be that you should have had pizza for dinner too.
O My dream is to go to France and walk the streets of Paris with a red beret and matching lipstick.
O I'm so blessed to know what Jesus is my best friend and drawing is a gift that brings me... and hopefully others... so much joy.

Favourite Visual Artist
Glenn Keane
Favourite Movies
Tangled, Prince Caspian
Favourite TV Shows
24, PrisonBreak
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tokio Hotel
Other Interests
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Hi all you lovely people! 2017 is here! But I am pretty sure most of you are aware of this fact! I have loved getting to know a whole bunch of you in my last journal! It is an absolute pleasure meeting the people who inspire me to continue making art! Last year for me was a massive roller coaster, but one I am so grateful to have been on. I learned so many lessons and spent the year working on myself in the ways that God revealed to me. I went from being someone who was terrified of the unknown and afraid of failure and not meeting people's expectations to someone who has been steadied and refined into a confident person who is now plan
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So, not only is my journal title an awesome ABBA song, but I'd also like the chance to get to know you! I am so blessed by having wonderful watchers here on DA and I don't always get the chance to talk to you properly, so I thought a journal would be the perfect place to start! For those of you who don't know me: my name is Natalie, I'm a recent graduate of a Bachelor degree in Visual Art and Design from University here in Melbourne, Australia. I have been seriously drawing since I was about 15 years old. The story goes that I had dislocated my knee from a dance class in school and found myself bored ( and 6 months of crutches bo
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0 min read
Hi all! :wave: I have neglected DA quite a lot over the last few years as I have ventured from high-school to university, but as of a month ago, I have graduated from my Bachelor degree of Visual Arts and Design! I was fortunate enough to receive the highest award for my year level and have been on a whirlwind since! I am going to post some of my work from my final on here over the coming days. In the last month, I have started looking toward the future and have decided to invest the majority of my time in developing my art practice and gaining valuable insight and skills as I pursue my dreams. Therefore I hope to be more active here on Dev
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