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Faris Cosplay Collage

By Natalie526
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I'm really getting a kick out of these costume collages I make in about 2 seconds in PSP, so I really wanted to post this one of Faris. I love all 3 of these photos, and I didn't want to spam my own gallery with every photo I <3 of this costume, so a collage is probably the way to go.

Photo on the left is by Quadrain at Katsucon 2008.
Photos in the middle and the right are by :iconchocochick: at Katsucon 2008 and then later at Anime Boston 2008.

Much Love.

All 3 photos are of me cosplaying as Faris Scherwiz from Final Fantasy 5. I made the costume myself, and if you're interested in learning about how I made the costume or just seeing more photos..

Sparkle Beast Cosplay:…

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Do you ever wear this costume anymore? I would love to get pictures with you in my Lenna! [link]
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The armor is so busted up now. haha D: BUT my bf and I are making the sprite versions of Faris and Bartz for MagFest (near DC). I think it's the weekend of the 7th. That would be awesome if you would be there! They won't be super lovely and flowy like the Amano artworks, but it's from the same game at least! :)
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I wish! I have to be at another convention that weekend, but I can't wait to see the pictures!
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omg you look amazing O_O
i've been thinking a lot on making this cosplay but i always think it's very difficult, but you encouraged me to try it :heart:
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You should!! I learned so much by making this, so I really think you should give it a shot! Thanks!! <3
AyrielDarkmoon's avatar
i will definitely ;3
but first i need to be Rydia and Reina XDDD because i already started with the accesories
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Beautiful =D

Faris doesn't get enough love.
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The boot wing is so epic. Plus everything else. XD I love this costumes overall, it's amazing. *.*
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Ooops, I think I accidentally requested a print! Sorry! It's still an awesome cosplay, so I wouldn't mind if it was a print!
Natalie526's avatar
lol that's ok! Thanks! :)
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Your cosplay is really nice! Well done!
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holy wow *_* You've more than done Faris justice. Well done! <3
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Awesome Faris cosplay, no one ever cosplays as him. :3
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awsome cosplay, anways I got a gameformer magizine and I saw that they're coming out with Dissidia Final Fantasy but no idea when it comes out
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