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The Bee

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This picture has two major components; lighting and positioning.
What catches the eye immediately tho are the hands, which is the focus point. Because they are the focus point and the main source of motion, it implies it is the part of the photo which it all about. This is contradicted by the clever effect of the wings.

The lighting is very centered and bleak, which always gives me an eerie feeling. This effect is strengthened by the white fragile model. The lighting automatically centers the attention around the wings and the hands.
The pose is interesting and smart, seeing that the light comes upward. As the model is in the exact middle of the frame, you start searching for something more dynamic. That can be found by the arms and hands, which elongate the image and give space for wings to be seen on the shadow of the model. In contrast with the model, the shadow is large and slightly intimidating.

The overall image which is conveyed is that of a shadow fairy. I like the originality of it very much. The reasons why the impact is relatively low is because of the bleak lighting. It has a strong effect (eeriness), but also has the limitation of causing only that effect.
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Can we just put this as a DD?
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The discovery of how to fly! Wonderful concept!
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It's so beautiful .. i'm speechless!
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This is so beautiful!
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This wonderful work has been featured here:…

Best regards
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lovely concept and composition with the ring and the way the wings span to her sides, making it appear like they are her wings. i also love the graininess because, with the projector being used for the bee, this has a very home-movie quality to it.
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Lovely composition and lighting :)
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I love your bee photos :la:
they are really unique and so well done!
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This is a great use of projection, the delicate arch of her fingers, the ballet style pose, and the projected circle all complement this gorgeous bee photo, and make for a hauntingly beautiful, delicate piece. Nice one!
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Great stuff !! = )
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