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Evanescent light for little moths

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Photography is art and no one will ever covince me that it could be otherwise. Pieces like this photo are a prove that my statement is true.

Whole composition is really aesthetic, well-balanced and fits well when it comes to photo's topic. Even though picture "drowns" in darkness it's still so light and it helps the minimalistic nature of the photo to be really seen. The technique and topic are really original.

The pallete contains small number of colours and the ones chosen are opposite - this contrast makes spectator feel like he/she was also drowning in darkness, mysteriously driven to this magnetic paleness of someone's hand. Is this person someone he/she knows? Is this a hand willing to help, looking for it or maybe drawing our attention in this dark hour to let us burn as moths burn in candle's flame when they come to close? Even though the colours are opposite the photography looks pastel, very delicate and emotional. Evanescent.

I'm just but a photography enthusiasts, but even I can see the potential and message behind this piece of art. Let's just hope we could see more and more as magnificent pictures in the future.