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Vicar Amelia Sketch by BrokenSoul17 Vicar Amelia Sketch :iconbrokensoul17:BrokenSoul17 14 1
Understanding Artistic Nude and Fetish Portraits
Gallery Descriptions and Miscats Month
Hey everyone!
I will be keeping this journal fairly short and to-the-point as I feel most people have a good grasp on what the artistic nude and fetish portrait galleries are about. While I will include some introductory definitions, the focus here is on emphasizing the rightful place of eroticism in art nude and fetish portraits, while also reminding everyone of how exactly DA defines pornography. This will also be about emphasizing the diversity within these galleries in terms of concepts, styles, subjects, etc.
Artistic Nudes:
"High quality fine art photography that makes use of a nude or partially nude human subject."
Now yes, of course, the words "high quality fine art" are featured here, but these words do not negate the place of erotica. They also do not negate the place of "low-budget" images in the gallery. Now by this I do not mean cellphone crotch pics (though those do technically belong here if they are
:iconmrs-durden:Mrs-Durden 51 36
Tickle, Tickle, Tickle! by ProtonTheLuxio Tickle, Tickle, Tickle! :iconprotontheluxio:ProtonTheLuxio 22 3
DaganX-ing Prologue Meeting Despair's Residents
??? Pov
Hopes Peak Academy, a school funded by the government that was built for one reason only. To build hope in the nation’s future. To do this, the school had picked high school students that are the very best at what they do. They are the Ultimates, the next generation of prodigys to build hope in the nation. There are many Ultimates, like the Ultimate Painter, who they say has many paintings hanging in Museums, and the Ultimate Director, who already won many awards for her opening film, which she made in her garage. There is also the Ultimate Boxer, Ultimate Florist, Ultimate Clown etc. They say if you graduate from HPA, you are guaranteed success for the rest of your days. Many try to enter, but many fail. So……why is someone as normal as me standing in front of the gates of this amazing academy?
So I guess I should introduce myself, I’m Bangle, Bangle Epithet. To be honest, I’m just a normal high school tigress.  Yes Im  an animal in case
:iconpokeheartless:pokeheartless 5 30
Berry stuffing by eragoncat07 Berry stuffing :iconeragoncat07:eragoncat07 6 1 *** by darkelfphoto *** :icondarkelfphoto:darkelfphoto 112 4 Candy Hearts by Craft-Kitty53 Candy Hearts :iconcraft-kitty53:Craft-Kitty53 6 3





Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

A b o u t  m e

1. What is your name ?
Talia Bitc

2. How do you want to be called ?

3. How old are you ?

4. What pronouns do you prefer ? (Gender)
She and her plz

5. Are you a biological boy or girl ? (Boy or girl)
v a g i n a

6. Sexual orientation ?
Pansexual bitc

7. Romantical orentation ?

A b o u t  y o u r  L i f e

1. Mental disorder ?

2. Introvert or Extrovert ?
introvert...   VERY

3. How many friends do you have ?
Good enough 

4. How many friends do you need ?
A l o t

5. Do you know them in real life ?

6. What do you think about yourself ?
stupid and kinky
7. Why do you think this about yourself ?
bcuz i is

R e l a t i o n s h i p  s t a t u s

1. Relationship with your school class ?
Ew no

2. Relationship with your parents/family ?
fine i guess

3. Are you in a relationship ?
nu, and I'm happy that way -n-

4. Boy or girl ?

5. Relationship with your friends ?
6. Relationship with yourself ?
What does this mean???

S o m e t h i n g  R a n d o m

1. Do you have weird dreams ?

2. Day or night ?

3. Which job do you have/want to get ?
Idk leave me alone

4. Do you have pets ?
3 doggos

5. Do you want to have babies ?
why the fuck are you asking me this now??

6. How many ? Boy or girl ?

7. Are you ill right now ?

8. Moody ?

9. How are you now ?

10. Your country ?
A m e r I c a

11. Someone you REALLY love ?
fuck no

12. Do you have a crush ?
answered this already -_-

13. Why did you answer my questions ?
Fuck of

14. Did you enjoy my quiz ?

15. Do you want to tag some friends ?
nu cuz i rebel -v-


NataliaCrossing's Profile Picture
Natalia Minicozzi
Artist | Student
United States
Simple Gay Depressed Edgy Teenage Girl who likes Vore for some reason lmao (it's not a fetish I just fIND IT CUTE XHXGJLXGJOJDGOGDJOOUT),

•I LOOOOVE Melanie Martinez! 🍼💦🍪

•I'm addicted to MKW... I need Wiimmfi NOW!!

•I love Anime and uh... just about anything Japanese and Chibi :P,

•I'm a Pastel Goth and um... that pretty much sums me up :3

Twitter: pity_berry
Insta: pity.panda
Snap: thisgoddamngoat
Closedverse: taliaisdaddy
Discord: 🍪 ⋆ 🍡  🎀 𝓝𝓪𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓪   🎀  🍡 ⋆ 🍪#4828


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