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heyyy guys :D
so here's Toph!!! love her so much <3

tried some new stuff--- like the blur gallery which is a genius thing and some brushes :)

I hope you like it !! :)
Photoshop cs6, 5+  hours
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Awesome artwork !
Keep it up ;) (Wink) 
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Simply incredible.
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Is that lip gloss and eyeshadow? Did she get someone else to put makeup on her or something?
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well she did have  makeup in some episode with Katara so.....
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Perfect!!!! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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i think your tendency to make girls pretty didn't do very well on toph, lol. to me, her personality wasn't captured.
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I actually agree with you on this one ^^;
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It is amazing ! How do you make soft edges ? finger does not give such a good blur
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Thank you!! I use the soft air brush :D
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could you share the brush you do the blur? or her settings?
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yep!  I'm not home at the moment so I could only post it on sunday, hope you're willing to wait:)
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Yes, of course I'll wait !
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It's just great. I want to reach that level as you but so far I get only so -_-
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"so far" that just means you'll have to keep going on and practicing :D
there's no shortcuts in here if you know what you're doing <3 good luck!
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can u please post the setting of ur brush?
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hey :) At the moment I use the standard round brush which is set on transfer ( both the opacity jitter and the flow jitter are set on pen pressure 0%)
I just toggle the hardness when needed :)
sorry for replying really late...
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