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DIY Aquarium Tank Dividers

I know this isn't really art and not my standard, but I'll be back to that soon. This is just a quick picture tutorial about how one goes about making tank dividers for your aquarium (although I bet it'd work for a terrarium too, don't know, never tried it with a tank full of the scalies).
I've seen the question thrown out there several times about them, but never saw anyone really respond with a clear guide, so, hope this helps!

Please post and let me know if this helped any of you fellow aquarium enthusiasts out there, I'd love to hear how it works for you, or if you've got pictures of your tank set-ups with these I'd love to see them!

If you would like to use this tutorial or post it somewhere else off of dA, that's fine with me, please just credit me (Nataku) for making it, and link back here so that others may also find it for future reference.

The tutorial broken down into four sections if you are reposting it on a forum:
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hello! I was wanting to add this on our website ( It would be in our Articles section tagged with DIY. I really like the way you did it and it's put in simple format that everyone can understand. I know that in the tropical fish keeping forum you noted that you didn't mind if it was posted elsewhere. I still wanted to get your permission to post it on my website. Please let me know at or leave a comment on our website! Thank you!
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Do you know the brand of the report binders you used?
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Wow, thank you for sharing this. =D Now I don't have to waste all that money on those weak dividers.
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You're welcome! ^_^ Saving a buck and building a tank on a budget is always something I think is worth sharing.
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Absolutely helpful! :) Good knowledge to have on hand for future tanks I might get for more Bettas! Thanks! :D
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Your welcome! And good luck with any future tank endeavors.
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A handy and cheap tutorial! Now I'm considering getting fish like I used to have. >-> I was never the standard goldfish person. My first 'fish' were mudpuppies lol.
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Cheap is always good! xD It was always so silly that pet stores want fifteen bucks (or more the larger the tank gets!) for a little divider that half the time doesn't even properly keep a tank divided.
I keep fish because I haven't got the time nor the resources to invest in something like another dog (Arrow is primarily my father's pet after all, not mine) or a parrot. Fish can't go pee on your carpet or leave a surprise in your shoes. They don't whine at night to be let out, or sit on you face when you try to sleep. They're great for someone like me who is often gone from my house for long periods of time, and they can be just as entertaining as another animal. xD
Guh. Goldfish. Its amazing how many people get those things and understand nothing about how they are supposed to be cared for. Dirty, dirty fish they are.There are far better, smarter and more entertaining fish out there that are much easier to care for. Mudpuppies are so funny <3
I keep bettas currently, hence the necessity of a divided tank if one is going to put more than one in the same tank.
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