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Pidgey made in iScribble,
Room - "Pokemon draw off {Champ vs. Challenger}"
I was the challenger and I lost D:
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Oh noes. You lost? :noes: Why did you lose?
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I lost against LordMuha, if you know him. :>
The game is about someone judging (naming a pokemon) and you have to draw it in.. 15 minutes.
Person who gets most votes wins. :o
Muha deserved to win, his pidgey looked nice and realistic. :D
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Don't know him, don't do that sort of thing so yeah. lol. ^^

Well, I atleast think your Pidgey shoulda won. :meow:
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:3 Well thank you, but he deserved to win x3 tho I don't have an imge of his'