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Hey guys! i hope everyone is having a great new year!Im having a better 2014 than 2013 which is awsome... So i dont really know what to write except that ive been doing more fan art and I should be posting soon , I also may have some cosplay pictures up Im not to sure yet~~ but yeashhh
so this is the first time ive actually used this on my page, sooo hmm...
I guess i should start by saying that my names Nat and I like to draw and make things(?) xDD
secondly as this is a journal and i should post things that go on in my life, my latest achievement has been finish my marshall lee cosplay (as is my profile picture) however i still need to make a few changed to the axe bass.
thirdly this cosplay is for the london mcm and it will be pretty damn awsome as usual :D

thats about my life so far really  XD so thank you for looking at my page and my work,I really appreiecate it!!