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Winston Overwatch fanart
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Winston needs to quit being so darn cute.... that's all there is too it lolol
His expression here is so delightful!! He looks like he just made a very witty/shady remark that may have had some undertones to it lol 

"I put the Haram in Harambe..."
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Lookin' sharp there, Winston!
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Mr. Jekyll and Hide? :D
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Winston looks the best! The smirk and the fedora is a nice touch.
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Fafnir: I love such cool characters. Thought it was Hank McCoy at first, hehe. Epic pic. I love the coloring and the coolness in this portrait;)
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(in Winston's voice) Hi there.
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Now THIS is a simian who knows how to rock a fedora...
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~secret agent Winston~
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now he realy just needs a tommygun and he´s basically cheston (SMNC)
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What a gentleman!
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For a sec there I was thinking it was Hank McCoy. (Beast from the X-Men)
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I thought so too lol
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Smoove like butter

Very nice painting
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dva time cop 2:winstons in time
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