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Ever Ever After

One of my entries for Dean/Cas Ever After, this one is for the Enchanted prompt =p

anne_higgins wrote the fic, you can read her fic masterpost here


I got the sudden urge to draw the boys' wedding outfits in the middle of exchanging e-mails with anne_higgins. I told her about it and then she got the idea of the pose, so here it is ^^;
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My, My....they are so happy

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Ew that's gay. Gimme more.
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i see a rainbow

extra gay
woah, the decor really contrasts with the supernatural dark fantasy style, great work!
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The whole thing is gorgeous but for me the most striking part is Cas's wings. beautiful.
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Twenty One Pilots Icon : * you wowe d the bean *  AAAAAMAZING!!! haha rainbow heart 2 
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I don't know enough words in the world to describe the beauty of this picture, please accept my heart on a platter as payment. 
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la in love Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] Blush 
Bless this art a thousand times omg I'm crying
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i want to cosplay from all of your fanart, you have a gorgeous style 
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I have no words to describe how much this fanart makes me happy

PS: I would totally read the fanfic if it were in my language
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So, funny story. I saw this a while ago and forgot to fave it. Then, I stumbled across the podfic Supernaturally Enchanted, and during the final scene this picture sprang into my mind, but I'd forgotten that they were related until the notes directed me here. So glad I found the fic and this picture, they are both masterpieces!
Soo~ good! I love it! The smiles, the colors, the fee~lings! Need that after watching depressingly "A single man"
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One of my favorite art pieces of all time.
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OHMYGOSH THIS IS SO PRETTY. Cas just looks so utterly at peace and Dean looks so freaking happy I can't even handle all of these feels-!!! >//<
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Omg so cute too cute aaaahhhhh
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The Destiel gayness just leaks from this art! It's gorgeous. :)
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This is the DISNEY story I want to seeon the big screen!!!!
Thank you for this .....
my eyes swelled upwith tears !!!!
somebody other than me wants this .......
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I can not tell you how inspiring and beautiful this is :) So just, wow, I can only tell you that this is perfect! 
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