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Castiel Constantine

Had a free day and I drew some stuff ^^

This is for nanoochka's Dean/Castiel fic, Hellblazer -> [link]
As you can guess, the fic is based on Hellblazer comic and Constantine movie =D
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Love the background. 
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It's cool! Your art is great!
RixFoxReader's avatar
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
I see your art in tumblr without the source, guh. :(
Anyway, it's an amazing piece of work ! Cas Constantine is amazing !!
TheFlyingBeet's avatar
this is awesome

i always got a "constantine" vibe from cas tee hee
SolsticeCarol's avatar
Maybe because he's inspired by Hellblazer on which Constantin was based on (:
Unholycorn's avatar
Badass:'D I love it.
Troopic's avatar
how come nobody on SPM is a smoker is a conundrum, really. 0-0

(TV laws aside, yes?)
Really love this combination, now let's all imagine that Castiel becomes human and forgets his name and now calls himself "John Constantine", that would an awesome story arc.:happybounce: 
KaeWinchesterNovak's avatar
Cas can't change his tie color, it's against the law
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This is awesome in so many levels!
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So cool! Great work!Heart +fav 
stuff-I-do's avatar
castielconstantine :icondroolplz: wow yeah. 

judgejuno's avatar
Absolutely brilliant! I can really imagine this, Cas would make an awesome Constantine :D
DarkDraculina's avatar
Castiel's character was based off the main man in Constantine! I LOVE that movie to death!
BobafrigginFeet's avatar
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A favorite combo of the two best trench-coated supernatural beings ever! Fantastic job. If you would have had Big Ben in the back ground, it would have been perfect.
Gwendolaine's avatar
Out of curiosity, did you use a ref for this? Or did you just look at random pictures of his face to get an idea what he looked like and then winged it? No pun intended x)
cerebralthundre's avatar
The fact that this exists

I just

<3 You're awesome.
Darth-petarda's avatar
I love Hellblazer, but who is Castiel?
SuperSuperHero's avatar
Angel of the Lord
Bit socially awkward
From the show Supernatural
AlmostMyself's avatar
oooo, Beautiful!
xlarasa's avatar
This kinda made me think "I'd like to see how Cas would be like if he smoked pot" but then I was like oh WAIT
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