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Harry Potter Tarot: The Hierophant

The Hierophant. This is the card of education, rules, following a discipline, conforming to a belief or group system, and also taking part in a cause or establishment. Hermione, of course, is one of the greatest students Hogwarts has ever seen. She tirelessly seeks to increase her knowledge, and share it with others. Hermione also shows a reluctance to break the rules, or defy the orthodox 'system', but will do so (and even enthusiastically so) when it is to further a cause she believes is right. Hermione has a highly-developed sense of social justice, devoting great energy to S.P.E.W., and is a natural leader and organizer of Dumbledore's Army. And of course, she is a prefect, and I expect she would have been made Head Girl eventually, if the war didn't get in the way.
On the negative side, this can mean blind and stifling conformity.

This is an OOOOOOLD card. One of the first I ever drew in this series, and thus, there are MANY things about it I would improve if I were to redraw it. But I'm not going to revisit any old cards until I finish up the cards yet to be drawn! So for now, it stays, ancient and crappy as it may be.
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Hello, Laura!

I've messaged you in a couple of places (and just found my way here) to ask your permission to use this image of Hermione in a blog post I'm writing. I love the image (and all of your HP Tarot!). The post is a writing prompt (I'm a writing coach/editor) about learning from other writers' work and is based on The Hierophant.

I would (of course!!) include any links/acknowledgements you'd like.

Thank you so much for your consideration.
Jamie (voiceheartvision_dot_com)
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Hi Jamie, I messaged you back here on Deviantart... did you receive it? 
Well, in any case, here's what I wrote: 

I appreciate your contacting me and asking, and I'm happy that you are interested in using my drawing on your blog! Yes, absolutely feel free to do so. I only ask that you credit me and link back here to my Deviantart page.
P.S. I don't see a link to your blog in your message, but I would love to see it! :) (Smile)
Hi, Laura!

Thanks so much for your permission (and please, let me know when the deck is available!).

I just finished the blog post. It's a bit long and complicated, but it ends with a flourish--with your Scholar card!

Here's the link:…

I hope you like it!
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Awesome, thanks, Jamie!  (and I will certainly make an announcement when/if the deck ever gets finished, LOL!)
Since the Heirophant is also tradition, conformity to normal society, and "don't rock the boat," I half-expected to see the Dursleys here ... but I like your choice!
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Yes, Dursley's would have been a good choice! Come to think of it, I'm not sure there is much Dursley representation in this deck.... I should rethink that, since they are certainly important players in Harry's saga! Glad you like Hermione as this card, though. :)
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Brilliant - Hermione is the perfect Hierophant card :clap:
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Thank you! Yes, she was really the only choice for me for this card!
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That's a wonderful concept - she's a perfect match.
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Thanks, I thought she was, too. :)
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This looks REALLY familiar. Did you load these once before?
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I don't *think* I've loaded them on DeviantArt before... but it's possible. If I did, it was many years ago!
They have always been viewable on my Harry Potter website [link] or my Harry Potter Tarot website: [link] which is why they may look familiar to you?
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That must be it! :)
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Hermione is probably my favourite character. With Lupin. And I really love the way you drew her. I love how you did the details on the wood too ! Really nice job.
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