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Leap of Faith



So there was this sketch -… - and I have to say I didn't want to finish it, as it looked pretty good as... well, as a sketch. Dynamic lines, etc. But it just begged to be coloured. And begged for background. And for some dynamic, multi-coloured lighting. (An you have to know that I'm reeeaaaly bad at the latter two. And not a master of overall painting either). But I have found this -… - interesting tutorial and decided to give it a shot. Came out better than I expected, to be honest. Reminds me of one of these video games concept arts for some reason.

The original file is huuuuge, especially for my standards. 3500px width, over three times more than what I usually work with. 
And you know, this is actually just rough colouring which was supposed to be neatly blended later. But I just love edginess, messy lines and sharp strokes and decided to leave it like that. But I messed up the perspective so bad.

What Chell is doing... is probably pretty much pointless. Unless the floor or whatever is down there looks more bendy and complicated and she has some sort of plan. 
Anyway, it looks good. Epic leap, determined face.. yeah.

And yeah, she has an Aperture Science Hoofheld Portal Device fixed to her leg because… she is not the unicorn type (besides, the ability to levitate stuff and general telekinesis would be kinda OP in the Aperture world) and holding a gun in hooves just seems a bit… well, impractical at least. And landing on three or two hooves? Nah.
(But I imagine that running with that thing is also quite uncomfortable. But if you are a pony in a world designed for humans you have to deal with some downsides of moving on all fours, right?).
I don't know why but I really like the inside of the blue portal. It's nothing particular, actually, but still looks very nice for some reason.
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This picture is very well drawn and colored. The lighting done here is fantastic and there is a huge sense of motion with the way you did the flow of her mane. You definitely captured the essence of Aperture Science here with the use of grays, bland walls, and the brightness of the teal.

The only issues I'm having is the context of her overall build. I'm asking myself questions like, "Does she land on three legs? (since I notice her left front hoof having the anti-gravity boots). Does she walk on two legs? Does she walk on three legs (she would hobble then)" I'm also having a hard time comprehending what those teal lines/spots toward the bottom right corner are. Are they lights? Are they mesh panels? Are they platforms of any sort? I've played the game so that is why I'm asking such questions. Finally, just outside the blue portal, is that the ceiling? Or is it the rounding of a tubular hallway?

Aside from these, phenomenal coloring job!