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Totally tagged.

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I very seldom get tagged for these memememe things, so I thought I'd catalogue a few of my wierdnesses for everyone.  

First things first!  
Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 Weird Habits/Things About Yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 Weird Habits/Things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

1.  Locking doors.  I'm obsessive.  If I'm halfway across the parking lot, and I can't remember if I locked my car door, I'll walk back to check.  I can't fall asleep if I don't know for certain if the front door is locked or not.

2.  Textures!  I'm very sensitive to textures, especially food.  Jello is pretty unbearable.  Tapioca is right out.  My experience with bubble tea was...mixed.  Sometimes touching cardboard gives me the crazy shivers.  But I sure love petting cats!  Cats are good texture.  

3.  Speaking of cats.  If a cat settles on or near me, I find it extremely difficult to displace them, even if I am losing feeling in my limbs.  My cats are extremely spoiled as a result.  

4.  I'm married!  And I didn't change my name.  I do not find this so very strange, but some people seem to.  My husband was actually against me changing my name.  "But you've always been [name]!  It would be wierd for you to be anything else."  It's a little wierd to be married, but I'm very happy!

5.  Internet silence.  I'm awfully quiet here on the Deviantart, and part of it is that it takes me FOREVER to compose comments and posts.  If I give you a two sentence comment to the effect of, 'Them's some nice colors,' it definitely took me five minutes to write.  I have the same trouble with email, which is part of why I am so tardy with correspondence (you know who you are).  

6.  I before E, except after C.  I have a serious mental block on the spelling of words with IE-EI combinations in them.  'Receive'?  Forget about it.  I used to have a hard time distinguishing left and right, and clockwise v. counterclockwise, too.  I know which way is which, but I have to think about it for a moment.  I also stick an extra E on the end of 'seldom' every time I type it.  Brains are funny.  

Now I get to tag other people!  
:icontojisuzuhara: ?
:iconshilane: ?
:iconemoxic: ?
Anyone else who cares to!  Consider yourself tagged!
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On the move.

1 min read
My husband and I are moving into a new apartment this weekend.  Exciting business.  I'll be happy to have the move over and done with, so I can stop worrying about it!  We'll be internetless for a few days at least, so, while I am not usually super communicative on the ol' Devart, I will be even less so until we are plugged back in to the world.  Have good weekends, friends, and think of me, schlepping boxes all day.  
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So, I signed up to get a sketch from tojisuzuhara, so now I am putting up the free skatching notice in my journal, too!  The first ten people (if we get that far!) to respond will get sketches from me.

The Rules, Totally Copied From Toji:

• Only one character and sketch per person.
• You must repost this meme in your journal if you get accepted for a request.
• Please include references for original characters in your post!
• Fanart allowed, as long as I know what you're talking about! (To be safe, post a reference picture!)

Yay, sketches!  

The list!

1.  tojisuzuhara…
2.  jusdog…
3.  AkhMorn…
4.  albyon…
5.  emoxic…
6.  shilane…
7.  azeto…
8.  mopinks…
9.  kendre…
10. KimberBee…

Holy moly, I'm all finished.  Submitting them all at once was exhausting.  This meme was good fun, and I'm glad I participated!  I'll probably move the sketches to scraps sometime soon, since they really aren't finished works.  I don't know how some artists sketch so cleanly.  Mine usually look like I threw my sketchbook and pencils into the clothes dryer together and set it for a vigorous tumble.  
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I've been meaning to make a post about this for ages.  

I was recently invited to join Cactus, an awesome group of folks working in collaboration on comic projects.  SO EXCITING.  emoxic made these fantastic icons for all the members:  
I feel so fancy now.   

I got an asterisk for my birthday!  My husband (hee) gave me a Devart subscription for my birthday, so now I can make a fancy journal and polls and things.  Not that I have yet, but there is the potential!

In other news, I've decided to open up shop for commissions.  I'm putting out my shingle!  I'm throwing my hat in the ring!  The doctor is IN!  
Rates will be as follows:

Pencil Sketchings:
$5 for a character floating in space [por ejemplo]
$10 for a single character with a simple background [expect a touch more than this]
+$5 for additional characters.  
More complex backgrounds may mean an additional charge, tell me what you'd like, and I'll give you an estimate!

Inks: Add $7 to any of the above! [inky!]

Digitally colored work:
$25 for one character without background. [for example]
$35 for one character with a 'portal' type background. [like so]  
$50 for one character with a full background. [clickity]  
+$10 each for additional characters.  

Contact me via Deviantart noting, or send an e-mail to nasharts AT gmail DOT com.

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2000 odd

1 min read
Over 2000 views now!  My thanks to all passerby.  I should have done a kiriban, but I've been pretty busy and preoccupied of late.  I still have some fanarts on deck that I've been making slow progress on (I'ma lookin' at you, Christabel.)  

I shouldn't make public vows for artistic self-improvement the summer before my wedding.  In a few more weeks, life will be sane again...perhaps!
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