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I've decided to work on some things I'm not so comfortable with, landscapes being one of them. This took a million years, hopefully with practice I'll loosen up.

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landscapes take so much patience! This turned out beautifully.
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looking at this again since I dropped by your page (and also discovering I didn't leave a comment in the first place, wtf), it occurs to me that this totally looks like a work of encaustic. to my eye. >_> I can't believe you get things like this outta digital media, lady!
karrey's avatar
Looking great - I am very impressed by the water.
And such great colors too. *envious*
neko-suki's avatar
That really really looks great!!!! O__O I'm breathless..
pigglywiggly5000's avatar
OMG!!! I've been there! You captured it really well! :hug:
fjgamer's avatar
Wow, I see nothing wrong with this. You're amazing. :+fav:
mental-sex's avatar
the water is perfect, and i love the strokes on this
Bazilisk's avatar
Dude, that's really cool! I love the feeling it gives you...something's up, something big or bad or important is about to happen, there seems to be tension.
Kalin's avatar
Wow! I love youy brushstoke :D
and the colors are fantastic :)
zambicandy's avatar
CRY CRY ;__; such pretty!!! GIVE ME YUR TALENT LADY!!
MysticFaerie's avatar
It's so beautiful ; ; :+fav: I wish I was this good with landscapes! ;o;
somniac's avatar
holy hell. ;_;
Shusulan's avatar
Wow.. I can't imagine how much patience this must have taken. It's absolutely beautiful, and all the details are amazing. Great work!
jmsnooks's avatar
Nice, the only thing is that you should have put in some fish.
sighthoundlady's avatar
That is beautiful! Such a luminescence to the colors. I hope you'll do more backgrounds!
mopinks's avatar
you make magic!
you're not just comfortable, you're downright COZY.
Otimo's avatar
Very nice. Very, very nice.
yousko's avatar
great use of color and texture your very talented !:)
SqueedlySpooch's avatar
Woah, that's gorgeous! Amazing job!
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