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Samurai Champloo- Jin again

So much fanarting lately. I've purchased my plane ticket! I've mentally prepared! I'm going to Anime Expo! I'm making a series of small prints to have available at the Expo, this is one of them. I've been having fun doing these, but I haven't been this productive in a long time. Exhausting!

Jin is not my character, all appropriate disclaimers here.
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I dig the blue light on his face! *lol* it looks really good though.
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What's peeking out of his coat?
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You know, I really don't know what that is. It's just always there in the series, so there I draw it!
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It has been so long since I've seen you do things! I miss the things you do. ;__;

I enjoy his facial expression!
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<3s Som! It has been a long time. I've been doing more sketching, instead of finished illustrations. It's nice to do some more things in color!