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Gather 'round, and I'll tell you a story...

Once, there was a girl, and she worked on an oekaki off and on for several days. When this oekaki was nearing its completion, the girl did a very silly thing, and the poor oekaki was lost in the ether FOREVER. This is all that remains, the last screenshot she took before the oekaki was lost. The end.
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; ^ ; such a sad story!!!! But at least you saved this!!! It is wonderful! He is so handsome! And I love his costume! Very lovely red!! lovfav+
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Very nice! Its a shame that it had to die so soon, but at least we can all witness its last moment of greatness before the horrible accident turned it into bits.
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it's wonderful, regardless of UNFINISHEDNESS! what a dapper gentleman.
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Oh :\ such a shame you didn't finish it! But from what I can see here, it was going to be really quite something. Love the uniform, looks mildly familiar.... meh Hug

It could of been worse.... Could of been no screenshots Nod