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Kai for Zam's contest

Kai is for the lovely , who has been hosting a contest/art exchange. I think I even made the (extended) deadline!
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She is absolutely beautiful and perfect! I love her stomach the best, I think. Actually, it's much more than a stomach, it's a belly. :3 Bellybellybellybelly.
KazeKageSakura's avatar
Eeee, good anatomy, pretty flawless. :3
AmyClark's avatar
Again, great anatomy! You really know your stuff. My only crit is how her left leg flattens out. A tweak to the colors could fix this, but I understand not wanted to retouch a finished piece :D
emperial's avatar
Oh, wow, I love this figure! I'm in love with how you did the stomach. It's.... inspirational. :D And her face, and the shadows... It's just gorgeous.
verre's avatar
ooh, I love the purple shading on her skin. And what a nice body she has. Your body drawing skills rock!
horribletak's avatar
aaaauuugh!! ;;;;3;;;; oh, NASHA! why do you paint so beautifully, for heaven's sake! the tummyfolds are my favorite part of this picture, closely followed by the colors and the composition and the lovely face and the skintones and that fbc! WAO
PunkGothViolinKitty's avatar
WOW! So beautiful! The anatomy is so great. Im in the same contest too! ^.^ But mines nowhere near good as yours. You rock!
MysticFaerie's avatar
your anatomy is so perfect! you make me sigh with jealousy!!!
and the colors! ohhhhh the colors :heart:
ff-Ace's avatar
excellent anatomy! top notch.

yay cute dragon. yay.
zambicandy's avatar
oh my favorite part is the anatomy. I love the curves and folds. so so lovely. ;3; And man do i want to put that little fbc in my mouth ;3; haha Im going to fave this tomorrow becuase I want to show off your other picture too since I already faved that one.

And the flower is so pretty. haha I want to touch her boobs too :D
tojisuzuhara's avatar
So pretty! Stop with the jealousy-making! This makes me want to do more coloring, but I'm not good enough to do stuff like this!

Wowow @ the blue!
howlinmadmurphy's avatar
she looks so.. squishy and snuggly and ladylike. I want to tuch her boobz.
newagebastard's avatar
Nice work.

I love this as a piece. Lovely colours.
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