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Diamond Dog for Panatenshi

Man, it's been so long since I put anything up in here. I just finished this for an exchange over at PE. This is 's character, Rhiannon, as a cancan girl, a la Moulin Rouge. The border and background were inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec, it seemed appropriate! Rhiannon is a fan of Absinthe, so she's about to take a swig, then she's there again in the corner, getting down with her bad self. This was fun to draw :D
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I love the girl in the right corner ; ; her skirt looks so neat! and I love her pose!! AND I love that its colored all flat! You're so amazing lady! I also really love the shadows on the ground and the girls pose too! Her legs are all "omg look at me Im so cute" haha her boobs are lovely! *loves for nasha*
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The boots and stockings amaze me!
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This is so fun and unique, I love all the motion in this - it seems so full of life. She turned out beautiful too, the boots are <3 !!
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YAAAAY!!! She's so pretty and cute and sassy!! I love the feeling of movement in this image, the way the skirt is just like WOOSH! The absinthe theme is an excellent choice, very appropriate, especially since she loves green! Oh and I adore the way the bodice and chemise have such a Renaissance look to them, very bardic! So much care put into the design, I can tell! THANK YOU for doing such a beautiful job! :glomp: :heart: :heart:
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cuuuuute in the corner
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That's a much more classy way of drinking absinthe than I pictured!
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