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Character sheet- Aida

A character for *kitton's contest.

Name: Aida
Age: 29
Height: 6'3" (no typo!)
Build: Fit
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Skin tone: pale

-Aida is a medic who's spent a lot of years in an academic setting, training to become a doctor. She seems to be very serious, but she has a light heart and a sense of humor.
-She tells fantastic gross-out stories. She's not sensitive at all to gore or other nastiness.
-She's diplomatic and mature, but conflict avoidant almost to the point of cowardice. She'd much rather flee, given the chance.
-She's no warrior, and physical altercations freak her out, but she can be calm and focused when people need medical attention.
-She feels self-conscious about her height, so she tries to hide it by slouching.
-She believes firmly that the best cure is prevention, so if you're around her, expect a certain amount of mother-hen nagging about taking care of yourself.

Likes: cats, the smell of astringent, travel, learning her craft, funny stories about icky things.
Dislikes:fights both verbal and physical, people who won't do simple things to avoid illness.

The character sheet shows her in traveling gear, from front and back, as well as a few details of her. The white 'scrubs' are what she might wear in an academic setting, or if she were in practice in a city.
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Great anatomy! She looks both attractive and realistic.
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Wait...tall girl...Nice.
My name is Aida... ^^;
I'm not planing on becoming a medic but your close.
brianne333's avatar
This turned out really nice! I love that you gave the character a nice figure - something realistic and solid looking. The gloves are way cool and I love the color scheme :D
Cruzle's avatar
Her personality seems really realistic. What does she do as a career, though? It says she is a medic, but does she work in a hospital, travel, or work off of medical commissions? Curiosity. ^^;
nastenka's avatar
I hadn't really given it much thought, I must say! When I was thinking of the character, I felt like maybe she'd just left school to start making her way in the world, but she's not based in any one place, so she'd probably make money just by being paid for her services as she travels around. Thanks for the question!
Cruzle's avatar
Oh, no problem, thanks for the answer! 8D I've only just now gone through the character sheets so I find I'm getting really into all of the characters, wanting to ask questions but without seeming too rude. Yeah, I guess she would've just gotten out of school...
RetroSushi's avatar
I love that she believes the best cure is prevention. It'd be fun to see her nagging the rest of the characters, and then later having her mending their wounds saying "I told you so!" or something along those lines. ;D
And I'd be intimidated by her height if I were standing next to her. :0 (I'm really short.)
kiwiberri's avatar
I like the self-consciousness, most of us have something we'd rather hide. I'm also pleased with the short description, clear and to the point! I get a good feeling for her, and it's always nice to have medics. Or people that care about health.
ahhelga's avatar
Ahh, good job!

I had a whole commented thought out in my mind. But I can't remember a single thing I thought. ^^;

I really like Aida though. She seems like a great addition!

thats me
aka Pauline
Epiaruna's avatar
Hehe, I love her nagging about hygiene (heck, I can't go ANYWHERE without a bottle of hand sanitizer). I think she sounds like a really cool character! Best of luck in the contest!
row's avatar
I'm totally digging the gloves, they are so unique. I also like how you made her super tall because most of hte girls are average height or like really short! The alternate outfits are cool, but I like how they both keep the same symbol, so you can tell what her profession is, if that were a medic symbol. Finally i think its funny how she love sicky gross out stories, XD I do myself, s you made her relatible almost like to take your mind off of being scared of a doctor. Her motherly qualities add a nice touch.
Cat-girl-aholic's avatar
Interesting character! I like the outfit designs - they make sense in practical sort of way and well designed. I'm wondering, though, is the round circle (with the red crescent underneath) the "medical" symbol, akin to the generic red cross in our world? Good job on her personality too...makes sense with her profession.
nastenka's avatar
I didn't want to give her too much background, but I had thought of the symbol either being the sign of a medical professional, like you said, or the symbol of the school she attended. Thanks so much!
kitton's avatar
I really like this-another medical character! We weren't getting a single one (someone else submitted one this morning, too--but shes so totally different!) I love her gloves and her colour scheme and how simply you laid this out. I like her height--so many people were making super short girls now we have a super long one to ballance it out, too! (jk but I like it.... her height makes her unique :3 )
nastenka's avatar
I'm glad you like her! My mom is very tall, so that aspect of her is definitely based on Mom. Even the slouching!
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ooo, those are some pretty nifty gloves! I really like the split colors of the pants and the design on the shirt ;3

she's so down to earth! what a nice character :)
tojisuzuhara's avatar
I really dig the gloves, but you know that! I could totally picture her nagging everyone about poor health choices.

The background dash seems like it's just barebones enough that it's not constricting at all.
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