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March 12, 2017
Akhiryonh - ART WAR Challenge submission by Nassima-Amir
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Akhiryonh - ART WAR Challenge submission



Hey everyone! That's my submission for ARTWAR Challenge on .

Theme was : create a hero of Fantasy or Science-Fiction, and illustrate it with a concept sheet and an illustration of the character in an environment.

Concept sheet is here.

Please note that there are currently 5 slots opened for commissions :

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You can get my free PSD here: Akhiryonh - FREE PSD by Nassima-Amir

Akhiryonh's Background :

Akhiryonh had a lesser power than his father growing up, but whe Daikhiryonh, his father, was defeated by the MRA (Modern Robotic Army), his blade, which contains the ability to master the Elements, was bequeathed to Akhiryonh.

Akhiryonh was very tormented after this, because of the pressure he had to bear from the Deity Assembly to avenge his father's death and to bring war on the MRA. He decided to look for help towards his aunt, Velganiah, the golden Firefly goddess of Celestial Beings. She told him that, as a semi-god, if he wanted to gain a full divine power, he would have  to make a great sacrifice.

There was a special ritual for this that he could only do with the help of a real god or goddess. His heart and human organs would have to be torn off of him by a god and replaced with a very special rock : one piece of the deceased oldest god of all gods, Gainayah. This goddess's body remained on the highest mountain of the Divine Empire.

She made him practice is divine powers and gave him the strength and will to make this long journey. He succeeded and, when he came back to her, they decided to make the ritual. And so they did. Some semi-titans, semi-djinns and semi-giants had already made this ritual and managed to survive, bu no semi-human had ever passed this trial.

But so he did. So after his full restablishment, his aunt trained him even harder for him to go to combat, and she gave him a magic firefly shaped jewel with which he can call for her in case of need, during the battle.

The fight was hard, and many Akhiryonh's followers perished while fighting the mouthless robot soldiers. But Akhiryonh knew these sacrifices had to be made, for his family, for humanity, but also for gods, who also started to fear the machines. And with this ferocious will, he finally destroyed the whole Robotic Army, using every elements he could: Water, Fire, Earth and Air became his allies, and he gave the world a few thousand years of (not always peaceful) divine monarchy.

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