WINNER!! Monthly Food Challenge - Sandwichs + Subs

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Thank you to everyone that entered, the random winner is....

Sub charms by Kryshna Time for Breakfast by FrozenNote 1:12 clay croissant sandwiches by FatalPotato
Sandwiches Challenge by kayanah Sammich Contest Entry by CuteTherapy Polymer Clay Rilakkuma Sandwich Pendant by CharmStop

Monthly Food Challenge

A three month premium membership will be randomly drawn from the members that participate in the challenge.

Theme of the month

This month's theme: Sandwiches and Subs.

A sandwich consists of two or more slices of bread with fillings between them. Sandwiches are a widely popular type of lunch food, generally containing a combination of salad vegetables, meat, cheese, and a variety of sauces or savory spread.

**If any of these rules are ignored, you will be disqualified from winning the prize**
  • Participants have to be members of #semi-sweeties
  • Submissions must be entirely made by you
  • Only new work is accepted
  • Items must be primarily made of clay
  • Unlimited submissions as long as it fits the theme
  • You must write somewhere in the artist comment box that this is an entry for #semi-sweeties' monthly challenge�+ add a link to this journal.
  • Submit entries into the "Monthly Food Challenge" folder.
Miniature Inspirations
1-4 sandwich set 1 by Snowfern Sandwitch2 by makkahgirl Sandwich by monpuchikissa
1:12 Tomato sandwich by Nassae Miniature Sandwiches by ChocolateDecadence Ham Sandwich by Shacchan

Real Food Ideas

:thumb153604453: Smoked salmon sandwich by patchow Turkey Sandwich by Mordren

Helpful Tutorials
Here is a list of tutorials that might help you to achieve this project.
The challenge closes on April 30 2013 and the 3 month sub winner will be drawn randomly from the members that have participated in the challenge.

*This prize is supplied by $Moonbeam13

:dalove: the team at semi-sweeties
© 2013 - 2021 Nassae
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kayanah's avatar
Congratulations to the winner! :)
This monthly contest really was fun. I felt rusty when I made my sandwiches, but I guess it's like bicycle; you can't forget! lol
FrozenNote's avatar
So close D: congrats to the winner!
FrozenNote's avatar
Just a quick question - when a person wins the prize, can it be given in points instead of membership? c:
Nassae's avatar
The prize is available in the form of premium memberships only,
as that is what we have originally asked from $Moonbeam13.
Sorry we are not able to change it into points at the moment
Tahog's avatar
Hello! :aww:
We listed your contest in our contest list. We do this because we want to help people to get more attention.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and please inform us about any changes.

Good luck. :la:
kayanah's avatar
It seems like forever since I last made mini food. When I saw this I took out my clay and gave it a try. Will send the pictures soon; right now the oven is already taken by the supper, lol
Nassae's avatar
Can't wait to see them Kaya! :)
lol Can you use oven for both food and clay?
kayanah's avatar
Thanks! :)

Yes, but not at the same time. And if the clay burns, you have to clean the oven thoroughly before you bake any food in it again. :)
Nassae's avatar
I always thought polymer clay will have a smell when it is heated
and it would remain after baking

I'd love to try polymer clay sometime later :)
kayanah's avatar
Well, as long as it does not burn, there is no problem. Never had any problem at least. =P

You have me curious now; what are you using to make your miniatures?
Nassae's avatar
I make my miniatures with air dry clay.
It dries naturally, so oven is not required :)
kayanah's avatar
Ahhhhh! :)

Well, I work too slowly so air dry clay would give me headaches and add stress onto my shoulders, lol. I can take hours making a piece, depending on the piece that is. Or I can leave it aside as I do something else then return to it later.
Polymer clay's truly is the best for me. :)
Nassae's avatar
That's true!
I've always wanted to try caning, but with the drying speed of ADC it becomes very hard
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