Monthly Food Challenge - Cupcakes WINNER!

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Congratulations to Bunny-with-Camera
I will contact $Moonbeam13 for the distribution of your prize, it may take a little bit.

Monthly Food Challenge
It's a new year, so we're changing things up a little bit.
Starting in January, a three month premium membership* will be randomly drawn from the members that participate in the challenge.
This also means that we will be extra picky with those that do not follow the rules.

Theme of the month
The theme in this Valentine's month would be the ever dynamic and attractive treat: cupcakes

Your cupcakes can be in any flavors, any frosting and any toppings.
Make your work special with different decorations --- they can be a bitten cake or even a cup-cake pop!

Feel free to make whatever you want as long as the items are primarily made of clay and that they fit the food context. :)

Hope you have a loving and creative month!

*Congratulate to oanna-a-contragosto for winning our prize last month!
Remember everyone who participate will have a chance to win a three month premium membership :D


Life Scale Examples:
Cupcake pops by kupenska Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcake by sasQuat-ch  Salted Caramel Faux Cupcake by CreativeAbubot Sunflower Cupcake by Sliceofcake

Miniature Examples:
vanilla mini cupcake charms by Snowfern Mini Confeitaria Brilha Brilha #025 by priperca Blue Frosted Cupcake Ring by yobanda New Cupcake Earrings by PetitPlat Rose  Vanilla Cupcake Necklace by PepperTreeArt Pretty cupcake by tiramisuxfluff

Helpful Tutorials
We have lots of tutorials in our gallery that might be helpful for your project.

The challenge closes on February 28th 2013 and the 3 month sub winner will be drawn randomly from the members that have participated in the challenge.


**If any of these rules are ignored, you will be disqualified from winning the prize**
  • Participants have to be members of #semi-sweeties
  • Submissions must be entirely made by you
  • Only new work is accepted
  • Items must be primarily made of clay
  • Unlimited submissions as long as it fits the theme
  • You must write somewhere in the artist comment box that this is an entry for semi-sweeties' monthly challenge +add a link to this journal.
  • Submit entries into the "Monthly Food Challenge" folder.

*This prize is supplied by Moonbeam13

:dalove: the team at semi-sweeties
© 2013 - 2021 Nassae
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FunkadelicPsychoFish's avatar
Couldn't photograph my entry in time even though the weather as been great and sunny :/ Too much stuff to do for university
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Awww, man. I just kept forgetting to take pictures of mine, and now it's the last day of the month! And it's dark here now...not conducive to good picture-taking, so no last minute pics. Ah well. I did participate, even if it isn't official. :giggle: One of these days I will upload my cupcake to prove it. ;)
xRockingChick's avatar
ahww noo can i still upload it tomorrow? I was soo busy with school that i forgot!!
Nassae's avatar
That's all good,
Just remember to send it tomorrow
before we start the lucky draw!
kageshoujo's avatar
I just saw this. And coincidentally, I just made a cupcake ring. It must be fate! I will take a photo soon. :D
Talty's avatar
It is! :la: can't wait to see it!
kageshoujo's avatar
The photo is done, and I asked my brother to put my watermark on it, but he was sleepy and accidentally put in another name! :O Instead of 'cupcake ring' he put in 'glass cab bracelet' and for the love of me I don't know how to edit it. He has all the photo files in his laptop. But soon!
Ember-Eyes's avatar
I managed to get something made. I just need to photograph it and post it (which might take me until the end of the month, knowing me!) I'll try to get it submitted, though. It isn't spectacular, but I want to show that I participated, and missing out on the cupcake theme would be a crime. :XD:
Talty's avatar
It has been a while since the last time you crafted something, it's going to be interesting :D
Ember-Eyes's avatar
I keep forgetting to take pictures! :dummy: I fail, lol. :giggle:
At least I know I must have succeeded somewhat in getting it to look like a cupcake; the other day, somebody in my class saw it and said, "Aww, cute cupcake!" So...I have outside confirmation that it doesn't totally suck. :XD:
Rad260's avatar
hi, I have problems with my entry, firs I cant get to enter the :semi-sweeties: group icon right. And it seems I already contributed with my 2 deviations, do I need to wait till next week? thanks.
Nassae's avatar
Hi, A group icon can be created by typing :icon semi-sweeties: (omitting the space)

You should be able to submit your work in the monthly challenge folder,
but please tell me if you find problems in the submission process :)

Hope this helps!
Rad260's avatar
Thanks!! the icon thing worked ^^, but still can't submit my work, says it exceeds the limit of 2 deviations every week. I could wait a couple of days until the count resets. thanks!
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Awww, my favorite thing in the world to make (after donuts, that is!), despite not being very good at it. :giggle: I wish I could enter. I might try to. :)
Nassae's avatar
Please do give this a try :dance:
Ember-Eyes's avatar
I'll see what I can do! :la:
FunkadelicPsychoFish's avatar
^^ I hope i have time to enter this contest! :D
I love to make mini cupcakes ^^

Just to be really sure, cold porcelain is allowed right? it is clay but some contests don't allow cold porcelain or even resin clay :/
Nassae's avatar
Yes cold porcelain is allowed, don't worry :)
I'd love to see your work
FunkadelicPsychoFish's avatar
:) Thank you Can't wait to finish it :P
maytel's avatar
Yep, it is allowed :D
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