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Sun Jan 6, 2013, 12:33 AM by nasrzaara:iconnasrzaara:

Frodo Baggins by Yuuza Ataraxia by JesusCareaga Eyes Speech by emanrabiah Destabilization by MindTuber Grace by eclipsy :thumb342994369: The Dark Messenger by Corvinerium
.she was there. by NanFe Playmates by KarinClaessonArt Slenderman Resource/Stock 2 by dimelotu :thumb346013668: Faith by CaryAndFrankArts :thumb346275913:
:thumb345154709: Frozen Beauty by PetyaPlamenova Harvest by MarquisAmon :thumb346982816: Deserted 8 - Series by EveLivesey Happy New Year 2013 by maiarcita
41. Merlyn by ColourOnly85 lands end 2 by essencestudios 2013 by essencestudios The Launch by crilleb50 Siesta by crilleb50 P-x2 727 by crilleb50
:thumb343159609: Armor by Evey-V :thumb346646446: L'ange du temps passe by MaliciaRoseNoire Farewell by Brumae-Art Bokkendo by zinkai

:thumb344863711: We're late by Dantelian A Cold Morning by MyLifeThroughTheLens Hydrophobic effect II by Ymntle-Aleoni Deserted Sanctuary II by AbandonedZone

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Yes, this is Israel ...Aggression, colonialism and terrorism ..The killing of innocent people and children ..Settlements and assassinations ..What do they want them?Freedom of the Palestinian people ..

23 octobre by nasrzaara

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هناك العديد من الأعمال التي شدت أنتباهي في التلاعب بالصور .. أعمال عربية لمصممين من الوطن العربي .. أرجو أن أصل في يوم من الأيام ألى هذا المستوى الممتاز و الرائع !!! سوف تشاهدون معي هذه الأعمال أن شاء الله :)
1 : :iconemanrabiah:

That Look by emanrabiah Winter without Rain by emanrabiah Requiem for a Dream by emanrabiah For whom i'll play my tune 2 by emanrabiah

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Dried Out by NoorL3yoon Early Winter by NoorL3yoon The Story Of Us by NoorL3yoon Things We Never Shared by NoorL3yoon

3 : :iconahmad-y:

oh Allah .. by ahmad-y alhamdulillah by ahmad-y fanoos ramadan by ahmad-y my logo by ahmad-y

4 : :iconnajeeb-alnajjar:

Wild Space by Najeeb-Alnajjar FOREST by Najeeb-Alnajjar Supernatual by Najeeb-Alnajjar Fairy christmas by Najeeb-Alnajjar M.E.D.U.S.A by Najeeb-Alnajjar

5: :iconformalart:

MIRAGE by formalART keep silent by formalART As you sow so shall you reap by formalART Fire Man by formalART

6 :iconmrs-freestar-bul:

The martyr of loveI am still a stranger in your battlefield
My rifle on my shoulder, I do not mean to fight
My tears cutting  the ground under  your feet
You stand over my bleeding body
Your cold blade dripping your way out
You stab me, once and twice, you grin at my wounds
My blood meets the thirsty salty soil
They greet, they hug, they mate under your feet
They give birth to the wild bloody roses
Where every wound blooms once more
I hear your walk away, leaving my barren land
I pray for death to push the arrow deeper in my back
To take the last hopeless breath, the last breeze of love
Bury me where the old moon was born
Let my head rest in a land of cinnamon and honey
When the white hands arrive with their remedy
Tell them all my birds left me and flew north
I do not wish to heal, I do not pray for cure
Battered and broken, my heart left the shore
Heart Shape PetalsThe broken flower travels
From the green abyss to the corners of my eyes
Sits there, waits the heart shape petals
Your angel suffers, a dying bird on my cheek
On my palms he drew the map
Don't follow me , he said, my heart is your light
When the sun comes up again, throw the ashes
Where the broken flower lives, as it lives no more
Where words dance, each in a different dress
Take my heart from the book of prayers
And let the river of sadness pours into my eyes
Thank you for your love, my last miracles
Thank you for your love, where God's secret lies
I Write You DownA letter from here, from this cloud near
Coming from all corners of my fear
When I write to make my truth disappear
Every drop of ink, kisses the precious tear
I put words behind me, born to be tragedy
Chasing me to me, they come before me
I write you down, on veins, I write you
I write your face, eyes on drops of dew
Because, dying on sunny days is, funny
Life is stuck; yet, doors are so many
Find me a CureSo come, tonight we incinerate this love
Let it die in a crowd, on those hills above
Like a shameful traitor, a hidden sinner
Let's suffocate the last breath, watch a death throe
I keep slithering through the deep fog
I thrust every wall, seeking your insides
You drench me then you let me breathe
You deprive my senses, taking what I need
When you break, when you grab and crush
You bake my soul, making me as such
Loosen up your grip for I can not endure
Heal my illusion, go and seek me a cure
How can it be this bright and obscure?
Help me toss him in an endless grave
Enjoy our revenge, and pretend we were brave
In the afterlife we tell God we tried to save
The lifeless love from the dark silent cave
Our love will stay there, as an eternal groan
But with our names carved on his headstone
We will shed tears; we will wear faces and grieve
But, how to mourn a feeling you could not believe

شكرا لكم

:thumb300976977: :thumb302048696::thumb300610656:   Daniel Craig by peaceonearth888 White Queen by badcciintra Joan of Arc by Michael-C-Hayes   SAKURA by Rin54321 :thumb298245448: Music can both break... by Qinni Ooops II by JenHell66 SP 2 - Breath by Qinni Bassiste by jesss33 FEMME by Snook-Dog Loveday by fae-photography Right by fae-photography hope by essencestudios sunflower 3 by essencestudios girl night by nasrzaara Sunday Market by PascalCampion Monica by PapaNinja Strange spot to keep a cat by Loopydave Blooming by Tinosukae Jess Shredding by Omar-Dogan Damask Rose by six06 Mrs. Gravedigger by sacredbone The old witch by AlejandroDMarco Self Portrait by DeathMetalDan Michelangelo by DaveRapoza :thumb194773268: 1487 by ilikeyoursensitivity :thumb73634594: :thumb164562894: Lucia Render by fabiolagarza Mud town by barontieri   The Hunger Games - Katniss the Mockingjay by curry23 That's where the West begins by shoomlah
سيـأتـي يــوم مـــن الايـــام و تـــــجــــد مــــــن يـــصـــون قــــلــبـــك

و يــخــاف مــن نــزول دمــعــتـك و ستـجـــد مــن يـــحـــقـق أحــلامـك

و سـتـجـد مـن يـضحي مــن اجـل ابـتـسامــه تـرسمهـا عـلى وجـهـك
فـلا تــغــلـق ابـواب قـلبك فـلـيـس كــل مـن يـدقـهـــا يــنــوي جــرحهـا
يؤلمنـــــــــــــــــى كثيرا خروج من احبهــــــــــــــم من حيـــــــــاتى ولكن عندمــــــا اتذكـــــــر بأنهـــــم هم من خـــــرجوا منهـــــــــــا بأرادتهـــــم ابتســـــــم لنفســــى واقول لن انــــــــــدم عليهـــــــم لان من يحبنـــــــــــى بصدق لن يخـــــــــــرج من حــياتــي الا في تــــــــابوت الموت
أَرْتَــجِــفْ خَجَـــلأً عِندْ رُؤيَـــتيْ صْورَكْ ...!!!

فَمْـــا بالْك عِندَ رُؤيَتْ ـــكْ أمْـــامْــي
سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ
سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ
سأقولُ إنَّ الشمسَ تكتبُ عَنْ
عُيوني ضحكةَ الأيَّامِ و المَجْدَ التليدْ
و ستنطوي صَفَحَاتُ
حُزْنِ الحِبْرِ حتَّى يُولدَ الطيْفُ السعيدْ

سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ
لأكونَ بَيْن الأرْضِ و الأشْجَارِ
طائرَ صَرْخَةٍ يهوى الذهابَ
إلى فراديسِ الورودْ
أنا لن أُجرجرَ صَوْتَ أشْعاري
إلى وادٍ بعيدْ
سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ

سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ
لأطيرَ بَيْن زوابعِ الريحانِ
مثلَ قوافلِ الليمونِ
و المِسْكِ العتيدْ

سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ
لأرى سنا الأفْراح ِفوقَ
جداولِ الدَّمْعِ الهُريقْ
فأنا أُفكِّرُ فِي
مُعانقةِ الحَريقْ
سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ

سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ
لأُدمِّرَ الماضي الذي
عَنْ كُلِّ أضْواءِ العقيقِ
لأنَّني ما كنتُ أعرِفُ
أنَّ قلبي يرتدي
دِرْعَ الهوى المشغولَ بالذَّهَبِ العريقْ

سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدُ
لأنَّني ما زلتُ أجلسُ
تَحْتَ أغصاني كعُصْفورٍ شَرِيدْ
سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ
لأُريحَ نفسي مِنْ أعاصيرِ الطريقْ
سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ
سأقولُ دوماً ما أُريدْ
Vector Tutorial by vectortutorial
:thumb280470289: Quiet Night .. by The-Golden-Princess Surreal Narrabeen by MarkLucey Amazing Journal Skins ..salaam :aww:
I used many journal skins and I fav many of them but didn't use it yet , so I want to thank all the amazing designers who made that skins for us to make ur journals looks great :D
thank you so much and you all are amazing designers :rose::rose::rose:
this's a great journal skins and I really loved it and I hope all my friends love it as well :aww:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . vintage journal css by Vaniglia-stock ~ Wet paint skin by endlesssly ~ Winter Night Journal Skin by Winyumi ~ Little Hearts Journal Skin by fantasy-alive ~ snowflakes everywhere by missi-alicja ~ Flakez by Infinite705 ~ Winter by TwiggyTeeluck ~ Black Crypt CSS by Earldense ~ :thumb57120268: ~ City CSS by kuschelirmel-stock ~ Skin Damon Salvatore by OnlyLa by endlesssly ~ Skin M. Trevino by monkeyxtart by endlesssly ~ :thumb201543655: ~ thumb196165784 ~ Strawberries by PreetikaSharma ~ Dandy Yellow Journal Skin by Thewinator ~ Watercolor by Drake1 ~ Summer Desk by blissart ~ Rainbow Pastels Skin by MissCelia ~ Candi CSS by Infinite705 ~ .:Pink Passion - Gallery by ginkgografix ~ Onigiri Journal Skin 2 by Anysayuri ~  Fairy CSS by lockjavv ~
Expression by Mahafsoun
:thumb291171778: :thumb291188205: Music club by Alshain4 (SP)bRING me to Life. by JoanaSorino kx155 by metindemiralay :thumb291189905: Light that dies the last by MonikaZagrobelna Les charmes de l'Indicible by alexandre-deschaumes You're just a whisper away by alexandre-deschaumes :thumb291202031: :thumb291176889: Beauty in negative spaces by touchedbyred :thumb291181852: Deform to Form by anaPhenix :iconmauvetears:
I live in Tunisia is a beautiful country located north of the African continent .. I am proud of my country has lived through revolution and struggle for freedom and dignity .. I will be very brief in my work I try to creation and creativity in drawing, photo manipulation ... I hope to encourage and thank you ....
In Depth: What is Vexel ArtAn in depth look into what vexel art is and more importantly why it isn't vector! Get your mediums right!
Click the headline link to access the article :)

nice work :)