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I'll be at booth aa K14 at SacAnime in a couple weeks!  
That's right smack in the middle of the end aisle! Easy to find. :D  
Exhibitioner Hall / Artist Alley Map

I won't be able to be there in-person most likely until around 4pm Friday since my university starts back that week, but my Helper should be there in my place and I will be there all three days! Woot!

Hopefully, I will have a few new products and a completed comic for sale too!

I have been working on a Kawaii Eggplant comic and updating regularly about it on my Facebook page. 
It is easier for me to update there from my iPod without a computer.

Sugoi Eggplant by NasikaSakura Kawaii Eggplant
I'm purple and cute,
I'll make you puke,
but only if you are intolerant
of my fancy conglomerate
of the fabu that you see
because that fabu is me~!
So kawaii, so sweet
so purple and pink,
I'll make you go squeeeee
and smell me in your pee
but that's only if you'll eat
my fleshy purple meat.
But don't do that, I beg,
for as I have said,
I'm too young, too fresh,
too much shine on my chest,
too crisp, too taught
with the skin that I've got
for you to dare bite
this cute little site.
So, please, I beg thee, think it over once more
and while you do that, my stick legs will run out the door!
Down the street I stall sprint
as fast as a flint!
But alas, I am small,
and humans quite tall.
You'll catch up to me fast,
and I'll flop like a bass in your grasp,
and scream, "Please, sir, don't eat me dead!"
as my kawaii desu eyes spring forth from my head,
twinkling, shining, as my cheeks blush,
but it's not due to any blood rush
for the blush on my cheeks is nothing more
than two spots unripened on
 Kawaii Eggplant COMIC?!? by NasikaSakura

Speaking of comics, I'll be teaching a Workshop for ages 14 and older (adults welcome!) in Elk Grove, CA, this October!
Seats limited to 10 students, so sign up soon!
It will be canceled if not enough students sign up close to the date.

Oct Workshop in Elk Grove by NasikaSakura 
:bulletpink: PDF: (pg 3)  :bulletblue: Course description :bulletpink: Register 

As for personal updates,
I've been struggling with my health this summer. It has come down to being diagnosed as severe allergic reactions to an unknown source or another autoimmune disease. We're still doing more testing and medications to try to suppress it and figure it out, but I am no longer in the hospital and doing much better now! I'm allowed to leave the house now too, and am trying to enjoy the last bit of summer I have before the semester starts back up. I'm trying to get back into art gear now that my energy is returning before school takes away my time again. I'm really proud of myself for all the work I've gotten done on my comic despite everything. I really look forward to SacAnime as my one big happy event this summer (even though school will have already started for me technically, but oh well).

Thank you for reading. 
G: NasikaSakura (1/1) by Hatty-hime

CatherineDaydreamer Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017
Oh I am sorry to hear that, hospital even for small matters sucks :P
Glad you are recovering well though ^_^
Sending lots of virtual hugs <3 
NasikaSakura Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Professional General Artist
I love virtual hugs! Lol It's good seeing a friendly username again. ^^ You've always been is kind to me. Thank you, sweetie. :hug:
CatherineDaydreamer Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017
aww same to you dear! <3
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