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~~ABOUT .:Commish-NasikaSakura:. by PhantomCarnival ME~~

Art Focus: Traditional Media, anime/manga
_______ AA Studio Art Degree 
_______ Illustrator's certification (1 class away)
_______ BA in Studio Art: Drawing and Painting Concentration, 60 units (Japanese Minor) (in progress)
_______ Teaches through EGACE Always Learning in Elk Grove, CA through pre-credentials poophole; plans to  pursue K-12 credentials post-BA

Hobbies: Art, reading, lots of Youtube

Language(s) : American English, Beginning Spanish, Beginning ASL, Intermediate Japanese (in progress)

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite Food: Edible and gluten-free (Celiac's disease). Not a fan of sour.

Favorite animal: Cats aesthetically, dogs for companionship. 

Music: OSTs for Ghibli films and Wolf Chidlren: Ame and Yuki, Kanon Wakeshima, Kerli, Christina Perri, Studio Killers, Melanie Martinez 

Films: Studio Ghibli films, Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki, (The) Ramen Girl, Ju-On franchise, The Devil Wears Prada, Baby Mama 

Series: Sailor Moon, Toradora!, Darling in the Franxx, When I see You Again, Call the Midwife, How Clean is Your House, Keeping Up Appearances 

Games: Animal Crossing franchise, Harvest Moon (pre-2003) / Story of Seasons franchise, Stardew Valley... (I'm a very casual gamer highly invested in only a few series.) 

Likes: Cute, sweets, animals, lolita fashions, anime/manga, poetry

Dislikes: Foul/inappropriate language/subject matter, misogyny, prejudice, abuse, cruelty, perverseness

Materials: Traditional Mixed Media
_______Sakura Pigma pens + Deleter pens + Marvy Le Pen + Sharpies (rarely)
_______ Prismacolor colored pencils, Crayola colored pencils (for cheap convention chibis, specifically) 
_______ Sakura white gel pen (constant), white-out pen (semi-rarely), acrylic (semi-rarely), watercolor (rarely), chalk pastel (rarely), anything on a whim


pixel flower bullet by SuzukiMikan When did you start drawing?
As soon as I could drag a stick in the mud!

pixel flower bullet by SuzukiMikan How did you develop your style?
As for anime art specifically, I started tracing Sailor Moon around the age of 5, then free-hand copying her, then drawing her from memory, and finally drawing her in poses and backgrounds from my own imagination. (This was exercising hand-mind relationship; the ability to make your hand draw the shapes your brain tells it to.) After I started watching other animes (not knowing what "anime" was at the time) like Pokémon, Digimon, and Yugioh, I would draw my own characters with pieces of each style that I liked to make something new. Eventually, I started to look at the world and interpret it in my own way- simplifying the world into basic shapes and lines to help develop my own linear/cartoon style in anime canon. I use anime canon not because I am stuck to it out of habit, but because I like it, and I like how I can express my characters' personalities through their physical appearances, particularly their eyes. Had I never learned what "anime" was, I feel like I still would have ended up drawing much like I do now.

pixel flower bullet by SuzukiMikan What gave you the confidence to start selling at Conventions? 
Literally my childhood heroes, the origins of how I learned to draw anime canon and helped shaped my style. . . SAILOR MOON! 
I attended the Sailor Moon voice actors reunion at SacAnime Winter 2015 all three days in blubbering tears for meeting the voices of my childhood. On the last day, I showed them my Sailor Moon  fanart, which they signed as well as my Scouts guide. Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon) and Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask) simultaneously gave me kisses on my cheeks for a picture. They made me promise to have my first AA booth at the following Summer Sacanime because they told me that I was good enough for it. (Toby also complained during the reunion panel that, in contrast to Linda's self-proclaimed "Sailor Moon shrine" at home, there was little to no Tuxedo Mask exclusive official artwork, so I decided to make him a stand-alone fanart as well that can accompany my Sailor Moon as separate but related pieces.) So, I made my convention debut at SacAnime Summer 2016 with my Princess Serenity/Usagi and Prince Tuxedo/Endymion as my only fanarts. Later, I debuted Princess Rini/Chibi Usa to complete the family portrait. I keep them not as a ploy to gain money from fanart, but as homage to my childhood inspiration, my roots, and the voice actors who pushed me to excel in my dreams; Linda Ballantyne, Toby Proctor, Katie Griffin (Mars), and Susan Roman (Jupiter), and Celine Miller (Jupiter) from the 2015 Viz Media re-dub. Thank you!!

pixel flower bullet by SuzukiMikan Can you only do anime art?
I can do any art that I set my mind to. If it is good or not depends on how hard I try and how long I try for mostly.
I have experience with most styles and medias of visual art, mainly those that qualify under fine arts (realism, cubism, many other "ism"s) and some illustration. I have achieved awards for and been published due to a variety of my other artworks than anime style, though I have achieved plenty with my anime style as well. I feel that experience in one field of art can enrich you in every other. To view my non-anime art, you can check and the JessicaArtWilliams Facebook Artist page.

pixel flower bullet by SuzukiMikanWhat materials do you use? (Traditional Media.)
Mainly I use Deleter or Sakura brand pigma pens in black, Marvy Le Pens fine-tips in colors, Prismacolor Colored Pencils, and Sakura brand white gel pen. Artworks predating April 2014 are colored predominately with Crayola colored pencils. Typically, I use 8.5x11 inch printer since it's smooth, bright white, easy to keep safe, and readily available. Larger images are done on archival Bristol drawing paper. I'm prepared to use anything on a whim.

pixel flower bullet by SuzukiMikanWhat programs do you use? (Digital Media.)
Easy Paint Tool Sai on my Windows 10 laptop with an Intuos Wacom digital art tablet in medium with default nibs. I have in the past used a variety of art programs at my colleges including Corel Painter, Photoshop, Flash, and TV Paint (all CC versions). When my derpy computer doesn't like transparency, still comes in handy.

pixel flower bullet by SuzukiMikanWill you Livestream again?
I love to Livestream! Unfortunately, my CPU is absolute POOP, so unlikely anytime soon.

pixel flower bullet by SuzukiMikan How do you make Speed Arts for Youtube?
I am the simplest person. Really, I use an external webcam, Microsoft Lifecam Cinema, taped upside-down on a piece of cardboard taped to a box in front of my paper. :giggle: Prior to a forced Windows 10 update in 2017, I used the webcam self-installed Microsoft Lifecam Dashboard to record and make certain editing choices (which was an excellent program!). This program is not available for Windows 10 and thus I am forced to rely on its Camera freeware to record with fewer control options. In this combination, many of the recordings auto-delete themselves and are unrecoverable, so I do not make Speed Arts any longer. I would take the recordings into Microsoft Movie Maker, edit them together, mute them, speed them up to 16x, 36x, or 64x original speed, and add CC0 music files, usually from the Youtube Audio Library. Sometimes I used indie music as well, either under CC0, or with written permission from the artist.

pixel flower bullet by SuzukiMikan You disappeared! Where did you go?
There could be a lot of reasons for this. A common theme however is that I suffer from PTSD, characterized as severe depression and anxiety. Sometimes, I just don't function or have minimal function, and sometimes I am too sad to art. Another reason is that I go to school full-time, and so I might be wrapped up in that and other life obligations. I also tend to get sick very often. Part of this reason is because I have one known autoimmune disease, Celiac's disease, and the doctors and specialists suspect another one as of my near-death experience in Summer of 2017 where I am essentially allergic to my own skin and/or hair. If the reason lasts for long, I'll probably make a Journal about it. My Facebook Page is also a good place to check for updates, especially when the problem is with the computer or I am hospitalized again since I can access FB on my iPod.

pixel flower bullet by SuzukiMikanMay I ask more questions that aren't in your FAQ/ suggestion more questions?
Of course you may! Just have common courtesy when asking, especially if something may be personal. I have the right to not answer, though that doesn't mean that I am upset that you asked. :meow:

Thank you!


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