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[[read left to right]]

So, I started working out... 
*pats belly* 

I should get some batteries soon. :P If I start out with Just Dance, I have the attention span for videos. 


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*Pokes forehead* You need a coach I offer myself as the executor...I mean couch, as the couch >w<
NasikaSakura's avatar
lol XD Technically I do need both. haha 
dodoman1er's avatar
*pokes tummy with a cupcake*
NasikaSakura's avatar
Nuuu! QAQ Imma get fat..! Must get skinny again. TTATT But it's like impossible with the food my mother serves, and my inability to get something else. 
dodoman1er's avatar
*pokesies tummy* tummmmyyyyyyyyyy :heart:
NasikaSakura's avatar
TT~TT Nuuuuu~ Me no likes the poochie tummy... 
dodoman1er's avatar
but cute and lovely ;3;
NasikaSakura's avatar
Nuuu... TT___TT Uncomfortable and floppy.. Pooh... 
dodoman1er's avatar
*nuzzles it and pats it goodbye with taking you to the gym*
NasikaSakura's avatar
. . . But people are thar! QAQ 
I'll get self-conscious... >/////>''' 
I've actually never been in a gym before. I don't see the point in paying money to exercise someplace when you can just exercise anywhere for free. 
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