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Rem untitled

By NasikaSakura
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.:Sample comment plz:. by Chipi-Chiu
My Halloween upload for this year, thanks to the lovely cumquatboy for scanning it for me! :dance:
(Since I do not have my computer right now-- still in for repairs.) 

I actually made the line art for this before the semester started, and only this past weekend found time to color it~! I'm so happy! I really like how it came out. REM FIANLLY LOOKS BISHIE! YES!! And I tried some new teqniques with the apples and sky. :)

When my computer is back, I want to make a tutorial for that sky. :D I figured out how to make a similar effect as alcohol on Copics, but through colored pencil. hehe I'm so pleased!

I hope you all like Rem-baby in his gothic glory. ;)
Happy Halloween~! :pumpkin:


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Rem untitled by NasikaSakura is a really beautiful work! I really like the colours, especially in the background, and the depth. The apples look really delicious, but still poisonous, and the rainbow coloured gothic tree is just awesomeness. This artwork is really dark and gloomy, so I really like the bright shine dots and stars, they give it a cool effect.

I would really like to have this as a background on my phone.

This piece has really vibrant colors, and I don't know why, but it is so cool that for the "dark" theme she used instead of all black in the background some blue, green, and purple tones!

Awesome piece!
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Thank you very much! :) I almost never use plain black I try to sneak colors into it wherever I can to add more interest. Here, I used the cool analogous colors in black to keep with the overall darkness of the image. :meow: I'm very glad you like it (and feel welcome to use it as a phone background if you wish, haha, what a compliment!).
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Woah this is amazing~ *^*

I don't know what to say~ *0*
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kaomoji set 1 13/19 by megaman5000 You have said enough! Thank you so much!!
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Naaw~ <33

You're most welcome! *^*
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Ah, this is very nice! :D I love the perspective with the legs, and the amount of detail! ^^
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Thank you very much!! :D I had a lot of fun doing this one, even though it took a long time. XD 
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Ah, that's the catch with details.. They do take a long time. But like in this case they're well worth. :aww:
And my pleasure. C:
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Your ability to utilize so many colors and blend them is amazing Nasika. I can't do that traditionally... Digital cheats lol 
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Oh, thank you so much, Amy~!
lol Digital doesn't cheat. It's just different. X3
I really do like the way the colors came out here though~ I learned a lot about blending and color transitions from my second-level drawing instructor that year. He was very hard on me, but it paid off.
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Splendid coloration! *____*
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Thank you very much! :meow: That is my favorite part of creating, and the part that I am most proud of this piece for~! :love: 
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You're welcomeee! <3
Ahh I can defenitely see why! *w*
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so many detail omfg ;o;
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hehe Thank you~! :D
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hehe I love boots. :heart:
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this is "holy shit AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!" i hope to color like you some day! : D
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WHAT AN UNREALISTIC DREAM THIS IS! To think! Ms. Tagl saying she wants to draw something like ME! PFFFFFFFF!!
In all consciousness though, this is quite shocking to hear! I've spent so long idolizing your art style, that when someone like you comments something lie this on one if MY pictures, I sputter and laugh and then blush and hide in my happy little pink cloud (bed) for a while >///u////<  <3 <3 <3 Thank you so very much, Ms. Tagl~! Time to die peacefully (or at least until morning comes since I must take an exam~).
. . . squee~! . .
*melted* :iconflyingheartsplz:
tagl's avatar
hahahah but your coloring is soooo good! XD how can i not want to color like you! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
why would you like a messy style like mine when yours is sooo much better dude! XD i will never understand!
im going to have to look at your art more carefully so that i can get my coloring better and less messy = p :hug:
keep up the awesome work! i will keep watching you ;)
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*makes weird noises in the middle of her class when she sees this and tries to muffle them*
*waits until after class to reply*
Gyaah~ But I loves yours so~~~~ Let's agree to disagree about it. >//u//< :iconflyingheartsplz:
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Wow it's amazing!!! :heart:
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