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Ready for a Movie

By NasikaSakura
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Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do. Instead of working to music, I like to work to movies I've seen thousands of times.
Character: Nasika Sakura © NasikaSakura (me)
Dimensions: Unspecified. A few inches squared on paper.
Materials: Ink, colored pencil, gel pen.  
Do NOT steal, use, reproduce, edit, change, trace, make a base of, re-post, re-upload, move, etc. ANY of my works without my exclusive permission and credit to me. It may however be re-blogged by direct link to this page (ie using the share buttons to the right of the image, or Thumb code onsite) and with all its original presentation (including watermarks or signatures) intact, for this is considered a credited 'feature' and not a copyright nor intellectual property infringement.
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Dallyvanters's avatar
This is adorable *v*
I need move recs btw, which are your all time favorites?
NasikaSakura's avatar
That depends. What genres do you like? I love movies, but I'm content-picky. I have PTSD and avoid sexually explicit content. I also don't like graphic gore (blood is fine for me, but no guts). 

I really love horror movies, especially ones from Asia as they tend to have less of this sensitive content than American films do. I love the Ju-On (Japanese) franchise, One Last Call (Japanese), Monster (2014, Korean), Dark Water (Japanese), Tag Riaru Onigokko (Japanese, surreal horror), The Silenced (Korean with some Japanese), The Red Shoes (Korean), Killer Toon (Korean). 

For "chick flicks" I love Uptown Girls (American), Legally Blonde 1-2 (American; please disregard 3), The Devil Wears Prada (American), Bride Wars (American), Baby Mama (American), Ramen Girl (American; it's an English and Japanese language movie), Memoirs of a Geisha (American about Japan with some Japanese language; though this film is controversial- please regard it as fiction, especially regarding the inaccurate mizuage ritual, and read up about Mineko Iwasaki for more on this), and No Reservations (French or American version). 

And it's no secret I love anime. For anime films, definitely all and every Ghibli studio movie and Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki. 

My favorite family movie is probably Mrs. Doubtfire (American). 

I also really like some television series, such as Heaven's Garden (Korean), Black (Korean; the series is SO GOOD except the ending -cries- ), When I See You Again (Taiwanese), Keeping Up Appearances (British), and Call The Midwife (British). 
Dallyvanters's avatar
I like psychological thrillers, mystery, horror...
But I can like basically any genre if it's a well made movie, you know?

Hey, I'll add all those to my list! Thanks for all the recommendations, I will tell you what I think once I get around to watching them if you don't mind?

The Ghlibi studio movies are awesome <3 They're so cozy and just really charming, and the art style is adorable too!

Gooosh, I FEEL YOU WITH 'Black'! I was watching it, LOVED it, and then...WTF...The ending was just crap XD I really can't understand what the producers were thinking or trying to do?

But now I have a bunch to check out, ty!
NasikaSakura's avatar
I would love to hear your take on them. :) 

I want to learn how to paint like the Ghibli background artists. :heart: I love how realistic painted backgrounds really make a production sing, and according to Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics," the use of realistic backgrounds juxtaposed with simplified characters allows a viewer to project themselves onto that character more, thus empathy increases and the viewer uses the character as an avatar to experience the story rather than simply view it. PSYCHOLOGY. -throws glitter- 

I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE SEEN "BLACK." I HAVE NOT MET ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS. Apparently that director is notorious for this- he makes great content, but the endings are always lacking. I've been long since tempted to animate my own ending to the series. IT's good to know someone else might be potentially interested in seeing that! ( ; u ; ) 
Dallyvanters's avatar

Yes, the style Ghlibi uses is so nice >w<
That'rs really interesting...I might need to check that out hmm

YES, me too! Most people have not even heard of it XD
Oh, that's crazy XD Now I don't know if I should check out the other stuff that director made or not XD
NasikaSakura's avatar
It's totally fine! 
Yeah, I totally recommend that book! 
IKR. Like... I LOVE Black, except the ending. I'm not sure if my heart can take another ending like that, but my mind also craves to know the other stories. XD 
Frozen-Fairyfire's avatar

How cute~~ :aww: :heart:

And I love the colors you used too! It gives a sense of warmth and comfort while watching a good movie~~

NasikaSakura's avatar
Thanks! I got to watch 3 movies I've been meaning to see this weekend: "The Nutcracker and The Four Realms," Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald," and "It" (2017).
Frozen-Fairyfire's avatar

I've been meaning to watch The Nutcracker Prince for a while :aww: I found out about it earlier this year and it looks like a cute fairy tale :heart:

NasikaSakura's avatar
Is that a specific movie or the fairy tale in general? I've always loved the Nutcracker ballet. I used to dream of dancing a part in it with the New York ballet, but I would have settled with any entity as long as I could be a part of the fairytale I loved.
Frozen-Fairyfire's avatar
To be honest I'm not sure. I heard of the nutcracker recently and was meaning to check it out. But I have a lot of films I want to see. I'd like to catch up with a lot of Disney movies as well as My Little Pony and a few others. The truth is I keep putting it off because I'm kinda shy when I have no need to be. It's also hard finding a lot of the older Disney movies in shops. I'd really like to watch The Little Mermaid because I love mermaids and I hear that film has a lot of positive feedback. Whereas the later films have mixed feedback, like Frozen. But I did like a few, like Monsters Inc and Tinkerbell.
NasikaSakura's avatar
You're probably thinking of the same live action Disney Nutcracker movie I just watched. It's very atypical for the original story/ballet, but interesting. I know the New York ballet performing the Nutcracker from 1993 can be watched on youtube right now if you look it up and want to check it out. :) I remember also loving the old Barbie the Nutcracker ballet movie, which is different from the original story but honestly not too different. The Little Mermaid is my second favorite Disney movie, after the original animated Cinderella. I wonder how much it would cost for me to send you my DVD copy in the mail to borrow. I have the two-disc set of the first and second movies (though there are three total now). Mostly I watch VHSs because my TV has a built-in VHS player and most DVDs I attempt to play on it start having color and sound strobing on it simply because it is older technology.
Frozen-Fairyfire's avatar

Oh... okay, well anyway I hope I find Disney Nutcracker movie someday. Same with The Little Mermaid. My VHS player still works, but it's only a couple years old. We got it because we have a lot of VHS tapes that we wanted to watch. Once my mother told me "I can't understand what they're saying. Put subtitles on." And I told her "I can't, it's a VHS tape!" ^^; :heart: Lol

NasikaSakura's avatar
So sorry if the mail comment was uncomfortable! No worries. I know that kind of thing can be scary. ^^; Wow! Only a couple years old? I didn't think anyone was making VHS players any more! There are some VHSs though that do have Closed Captions, which are technically subtitles, but you need to have a TV that can display Closed Captions. It would be a setting on the TV itself back then, rather than an option on the movie. I learned how to turn them on while working in a Day Care so we can include Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids. It's also good for hearing kids because they can practice literacy comprehension. :) 
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Nice artwork and very cute too! :aww:
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Lan-Hikari's avatar
You're welcome! ^^
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